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    Default Just back from two weeks at CTI. A couple of things.

    First, let me say it was overwhelmingly wonderful, even better than last time.

    However, one thing was a shame and another should be stamped out immediately.

    I asked about rebooking for a couple of other trips while on site. I was told by the lady at guest services that they no longer do this and I should go via my travel agent. I do not believe this makes sense. You have captive customers. The very least I would do would put a letter through their door a couple of days before departure offering the same holiday next year at a great price. Saves on marketing costs, you have the customer all to yourself and nobody else can get to them. I think Couples are missing an opportunity. I got back to the UK 12 hours ago and have already had 2 emails from other companies with deals for next year. One of which I am seriously considering. Why not have a "departure bar" in the lounge for a couple of hours before the bus goes? have somebody there who, whilst giving out a nice refreshing taste of Jamaica, can offer to make you a deal for your next trip?

    The second thing, and I believe the company should stamp this out asap because it quickly becomes an unstoppable contagion, is the leaving of towels on beds first thing of a morning. It did not happen at all last year but it did this year. I am not talking about people who leave them for an hour whilst they go to lunch, I am talking about those who come down at 7 am (I know because I saw them), leave towels and a couple of personal items on the beds and vanish for the entire morning. I can even identify the people who did it. They were all Europeans, mostly Britons (not a slight on Brits, I am one), and they were overwhelmingly those who were doing a split holiday, half Couples, half cruise ship. I don't know why this may be so, possibly cruise passengers do this as normal on their ships but it quickly degenerates into war as people do it more and more and get up earlier and earlier until it gets to the position where people leave towels overnight and others come down afterwards and throw them in the pool. I saw this develop over the years in Europe and would be sad to see it happen in Jamaica.

    Back to happier things. Debbie and I loved CTI more than ever. The staff were, unbelievably, even more helpful and dedicated. The food was better than last time (if anybody could give me the recipe for the Eight Rivers "deconstructed Beef Wellington" my wife would be in heaven) and the introduction of room service and the mini bar were 2 brilliant additions to the experience.

    Lastly, I would like to congratulate whoever is in charge of training the staff at the patio restaurant. The waiting staff there are truly the best I have ever dealt with. Incredible levels of attention and lots of smiles.

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    I think that is a GREAT idea! We go to couples same time every year. We had Nov. 2012 booked in April of 201. I would love to book next years trip while I am still in my "Couples state of mind" at Couples, especially if there was some kind of "Book before you leave bonus". JMHO

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    Must agree,we learnt from the Germans and unfortunately we cotinue all over Europe.
    It's not only the Brits,look at the swimup bar at 7am

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    Default New Booking

    The cruise lines do this BUT they refer the booking back to the original travel agent. (Disclosure: I am a travel agent).
    If Couples starts trying to by pass the travel agent then they risk alienating the source of bookings from first timers. The airlines did it and look how many of them are no longer in business (Eastern, Pan Am, TWA and others plus American is on the verge of bankruptcy).
    Couples (To date) is one of the most travel agent friendly resorts & I hope it stays that way. It's a cheap form of marketing. They only pay us when we do a booking. As opposed to having reservation people drawing a salary & benefits whether they do any bookings or not.
    Captain Jim
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    Just a follow up on yesterday's post....American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection today.
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    You know the 'S' resort does this and it is one of the MANY reasons why I will NOT return to them. I do not want to be pestered while I am on vacation to book next years vacation.

    Randy posts the early booking bonuses (resort credits) etc early enough for everyone to get the resort and categories they want. Of course this is my opinion for what it is worth.......

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    BTW....we were at CTI recently and never had a problem with getting a lounger anywhere no matter what time we ventured out/around. I really think it is dependent on the people there at the time. You can ALWAYS ask one of the sports guys to carry a lounger wherever you want it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffin View Post
    BTW....we were at CTI recently and never had a problem with getting a lounger anywhere no matter what time we ventured out/around. I really think it is dependent on the people there at the time. You can ALWAYS ask one of the sports guys to carry a lounger wherever you want it.
    This would not be too much of a problem at the beach. However the pool areas can get crowded. Loungers left unoccupied apart from a book and a pair of flip-flops are an unnecessary aggravation.

    Captain Jim.

    I would not want to take your business away from you. I am sure you do a tremendous job. However, in the UK there are 2 very large TAs (One of which is in deep financial mess) and very few independents. These two are fairly useless in terms of customer service and prefer to shift their own branded holidays. I simply book online now.
    Sadly, the operator I normally use (Virgin), as of today, are not advertising any holidays to CTI for the same dates next year.

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    Hi dinohants, we are fellow Brits, we enjoyed reading your post! We are some 18-20 time repeaters (lost count!) at CTI since marrying there in '93. Just got back 6 weeks ago and we've booked again for 5 weeks from now, yep, we're hooked! Totally agree about the frustration of not being able to book while on site when we were able to do back in the '90s but accept the managements decision on this. Are you aware of the UK site - The UK office for the group. We book accomodation-only with this office, they will match any other price you find, sometimes they will beat it. They also offer packages if you are interested. We have a few more tips on making savings but, to keep it a secret between us Brits (LOL), drop us an email
    BTW we have never had a problem with towels on beds at CTI but we do tend to spend a lot of time on the island and it's pot-luck as to how busy it is over there. Policy is no reserving of beds so, if we were you, we'd just move them!
    One Love

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    You can book on site...

    Fire up the laptop or head down to the computer room.

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    Hi Dave & Ali, just tried to send you a email and it bounced back, it says your email address is incorrect,
    please email me at interested in what you can tell us Brits !!

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    Hmm, I'm not a Brit, but I'd love to find a way to visit more frequenly. If you feel like sharing advice and tips with a Yankee, please email me.

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