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    We went for 5 nights and that was not even near long enough 4 would be a tease. Think about what you would save on airfare going every other year. Prob about a grand right. So you can look at it as an extra grand to spend on extra nights (so more than 7) or on spa treatments, private dinners etc. You could even do a split stay and have a double vacation! And think of all the time you would have to plan. You could start a love away plan two years in advance, get locked in at a lower rate, or find the perfect Wednesday special. As tempting as couples sounds every year I personally would prefer a fantastic vacation every year over a short one where you are trying to fit everything into 4 days.
    I TOTALLY agree with courtromo! 4 days would be just a tease. We have done trips of 5 and 8 days. We definitely preferred the 8 day trip.
    Stay Irie, Mon!

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    We just got back from a 5 day CTI trip, and I think longer would be better. So our next visit is in 2013, and will be staying 8 nights. 5 Days was OK, as we still had most of the 1st day available, but it didn't really give us time to do anything off-resort. If you've gone before, and run through the off-resort stuff, then a shorter trip would be OK.

    Truthfully, I do think less often but longer would be the better choice. It gives you more time to unwind, and more time to meet people...

    4 days I think would be too little, as you can more-or-less write off your last day, so that takes it down to 3 days, and (depending on the resort, CTI and CSS are about 2hrs from the airport) 1/2 your first day, so you're really only getting about 2.5 days. We once did a 4 day Bahamas vacation, and it was over almost as soon as we got there...

    CTI first trip November 2011
    CTI return visit in May 2013

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    I guess me and the hubby have a little different look on it. We love couples and would prefer to go every year - we miss it too much waiting two years. We would do the 4 days every year but that is just us. For us, it is long enough (of course, I would not complain if I stayed longer -lol). For example, we leave Atlanta at 940am this Friday and will arrive in Montego Bay at 1230. We will be at Couples before check in. We unwind Friday (and enjoy Lobster night!) and enjoy Sat, Sun, and Mon. We've done all of the excursions on previous Couples trips so all of our time will be spent at the resort. We dont fly out until 4 on Tuesday so we still enjoy our morning and even an hour or two on the island before heading back home. Yeah it's a short trip but with busy lives and kids, it is enough of a break to make it worth it every year. Eventually, when the kids are older and we can afford to gone longer I hope to extend our days but not at the expense of skipping any more years. JMHO

    3 more nights before arriving in Paradise (aka CTI)

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    7 days for sure for us; but do whatever your budget can afford... Just don't stay home! No matter how many or few you choose; I guarantee you'll feel like it's not enough!!!

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