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    Default Digital Memories w/Diana Campbell-Photographer

    I just booked Diana Campbell for our ceremony @ CSS this December. She is just a lovely woman and I absolutely cannot wait to have her and her son preserve our memories. Diana is so personable and her work is soooo beautiful. If any of you brides or grooms to be are still looking for a photographer then check out her website at and she will contact you right away. Her personality alone will seal the deal.

    K. Elder

    96 days to go

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    She is a jewel. You will enjoy her face to face as well. Congrats and I hoe your day is wonderful.

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    Thank you, I can't wait. Your pictures truly drew me to her and after speaking with her I am STILL overwhelmed and even more excited about our celebration.

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    TwoDance - Diana is the sweetest person I have ever worked with. She also takes fabulous photos. Email me at and I will happily send you a link to our photos she took.

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    Agreed!!! I just booked Diana for my Nov. 14 wedding at CSS. She truly is a joy! Her customer service is second to none. I look forward to meeting her!!!

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    I agree I'm so excited she is doing my pictures at CSA on 10-12-09. I can't wait! I agree with you all she is so sweet and dedicated. She also is willing to work with you so you get exactly what you want. I will post my pictures once we get back. 20 more days

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    I just booked her as well after reading all the great things about her, I cant wait, say I DO on July 23rd 2012!!

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