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    Thanks for the info. Now I know. LOL

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    Thanks for the info. Now I know. LOL
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    Wow! Look at all my fellow canucks - love it
    We are from Renfrew, Ontario Canada.
    We vacationed to Couples Sans Souci last year and in another 13 sleeps we will be on the beach at Couples Negril - woo hoo! Great eh?

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    Default Canada

    We are in Brandon Manitoba Canada and it is friggin cold right now, but I will be on the beach at CTI in 3 DAYS!!!!!

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    Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this addiction. Our one week a year is just not enough. We will have to work on that. LOL Until them many more hours on the MB. It helps to ease the pain.

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    Evergreen, Colorado. Addict since 2004.

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    Warren, Michigan, USA here...
    If you're not familiar with Mich, hold your left hand up, palm facing out. We're right about your second thumb knuckle (closest to your wrist)

    CTI once, going back in 2013

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    Yuma, AZ I too am a addict. 251 day 14 hours and 12 minutes until we return home.

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    We are from Sedalia,Missouri, almost right in the middle of the state. The MB helps keep my couples cravings at bay!

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    We lived in Huntington Woods, Michigan, when I first started participating in the Message Board. In January 2008, we moved to Westchester, New York, where we currently live.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Stony Plain, Alberta. Off to CSA Dec 9 for a great week! Was at CN in 09, CSA 10 and now 2011!

    There is a few Albertans here! Gotta like the warmth of Jamaica!

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    Central Massachusetts, not yet addicted, but probably will be as our countdown gets smaller.

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    We're about 150 miles south of you close to Dexter Missouri. I'm supprised to see so many people from our area on here.
    We started reading this message board last spring about 9 months before we booked our first trip to CN and figured once we got back from our trip we wouldn't be on it as much. But now we read it and remember most wonderful vacation we've had and dream about the next time.
    We've already booked another trip to CSS next Oct.

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    We are from San Diego, California, but my husband is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. I am completely addicted to this MB. We will be at CN in 8 days and CSS three days after that. We are first timers, but anticipate becoming faithful Couples repeater if everything I've read on this board is even halfway accurate.

    too excited! bags are out, packing lists are made ... it's time to go!

    Gayle & Warren

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    We are from St. Joseph, Missouri (on the other side of the state, 45 miles north of Kansas City). We first went to CN in 2007, CSA in 2009, and going back to CN December 1st. Love the message board.

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    Charlotte North Carolina
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Fairview Heights, IL
    About 15 minutes from St. Louis.
    So excited to finally be going!
    158 Days!

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    We are from Waterford, MI, suburb of Detroit
    Been to CSA, 2x, CSS 1x and CT f/k/a COR 1x
    CSA booked for 1/12 abd CSS for 2/12

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    We are from Ottawa, Ontario and REH we have a cottage just down the way from you in Eganville ;-)

    Heading to CN on Saturday fro a week. Am dying to get there as it is our first trip...

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    We are from Dallas, TX. MB addict. 195 days left

    Go Rangers!

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    We're in the Willoughby Gap, between two '3000 footers' at the end of a six mile long, 300+ft. deep glacial lake in northern Vermont. Expecting 6-12 inches of snow for tomorrow, and counting down to return to CN next time it's warm up here. We're in Westmore, Vermont..., which is not to be confused with Westmoreland, Jamaica; but, sure reminds us of it all the time!


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    Phoenix, AZ but as of tomorrow I will be calling Negril home for 8 glorious days!

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    Fox Point Wisconsin! 10th trip home begins 11-24 for 1 week. We're a mere 2 sleeps from launch! Razzl

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    Mansfield, Texas! Went to CN in 2004 and heading to CTI this June!! Can't wait!

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    Sycamore , Illinois. 60 miles west of Chicago.

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