It is hard to believe we are only 31 days away from arriving at CSA, and 33 days away from getting Married. But I have a few more questions that have popped into my little mind. Randy maybe you can help me with the 1st one. In the Couples Resort brouchure, under the Couples wedding, honeymoon & vow renewal section, the gorgeous bouquest of flowers shown next to the cake, how much of an upgrade is that? 2nd What is the cost of having an updo done at the salon? 3rd Does CSA offer dance lessons at any of their nightclubs? I know some resorts have special nights they have the staff teach a special dance. 4th
we will be arriving on Sept. 20th, if we do not book for an upgrade from the Garden Suite now, what are the odds that we will beable to up grade when we get there, and are there extra costs for waiting?
Please accept my apology for such long questions, I just want to make sure I get the correct answer the first time.
Thanks, can hardly wait to get to CSA, and say "I DO"