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    Default CSS repeat guest dinner party question

    We're looking forward to the repeat guest dinner party in February at CSS. What is the menu like? Do the menu offerings change week to week? We're sure it's ALL GOOD! Thanks for any info that we can dream about for the next 84 days

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    Hi Sue, the menus do change from week to week but they always seem to have both a meat and seafood entree, we always have to tell them we don't eat seafood so they don't bring us that part of the program. The have some sort of soup and salad as an appetizer and a very yummy dessert. We've been 3 times now and have always enjoyed the repeaters dinner, it's on a smaller scale as compared to the one we went to at CSA, that one was overwhelming with way too many people for us.

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    Thank you KarenON! We are so excited to return to our new home and enjoy the repeater dinner. Your photos and posts on this mb were our deciding factor to choose CSS and we were blown away by the whole experience. We did trading places one day and it reinforced the fact that CSS is the perfect fit for us!

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    We've been told that the menu does change every week - and they never do the same menu twice

    Our favourite starter was the crab cakes - yum!

    Returning to CSS for our 8th time in 99 days - yippee, can't wait!!

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    Does anyone know what night the repeater's dinner takes place? And also, do you need to register/ sign up for it, or how does that work ?

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    Lounge- if you are a repeater, they should have your information and your invitation will be delivered to your room (unless you arrive within a day or two of the dinner). You then RSVP to it. I swear it was on Wednesday, but according to the activities schedule it looks like Thursday. It follows the Pierre's cocktail reception at the pool. It is a great experience. Try to get seated with Shellian, Miguel, Kaydian, Jermaine....they are a trip! We had the pleasure of sitting with the head groundskeeper one year and it was quite impressive his knowledge of all the plant/tree life on the resort.
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    The Repeater's Dinner is Thursday night after the Manager's cocktail party. We have received our invitation with all our other Romance Rewards goodies at check-in.

    One Love,

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    Thurs nite is the repeaters dinner... when you arrive your registration info will show them you are a repeater and you will be invited then. Just confirm you are going and show up. It is in the big area room located behind the Pallazina restaurant. We have really enjoyed this repeaters dinner as it is normally smaller and more intimate than the one at CSA. The chef came out last time and answered questions and it was so interesting and lovely how this person enjoyed his job and was really into making the meals as special as possible for us. Dress up as you would for Cassanova, long pants, and collared shirt for men and cocktail dress or dress pants for the ladies.

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