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    Default Newbie looking for help! Which Couples to choose for honeymoon!?

    Hello friends! After numerous hours searching and searching on All-Inclusive resorts, I've decided on Couples! I love that excursions are included, and they just seem overall the best with reviews! I'm so excited. Now, which do I choose?!

    I think CSS is out, I'm not big on the hills, jungle atmosphere and I like a bigger beach area with more things to do and activities.

    I love the look and feels of CN and CSA. I like that they allow vendors and musicians and have the "Jamaican" feel throughout the resort". I love the long beaches and I like that the buildings and room blocks seem to have more of a Jamaican look to them (versus a big hotel building). I've heard reviews that CN is a little run down and is in need of a renovation or upgrade. Is this true? CSA has A LOT of buildings (it looks like!) on the map. Is this hard to navigate when you're there? How to CN and CSA compare?

    Originally I wanted to go with CTI, it just stuck out to me. But after reading reviews, it sounds small, with a small beach and a hotel room like building with doesn't have the Jamaican vibe like the others. Is this true? I like the AN island thing but I know other resorts have AN areas too.

    Do all resorts have horseback riding? What other excursions are offered/not offered at different resorts (particular ones like that)?

    Thank you guys so so much! Ya'll seem very friendly and I hope you can help me and my future hubby find our perfect HM!

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    I say go with your original instinct, cti. I've been to cn and csa. Love them both, but if the an is important, topless is your only option at csa. Cn has a sweet, small an spot with a bar and toilet. I love it there. Hubby and I want to try cti for our honeymoon.
    Personally, I don't feel like one will be more true to the jamaican experience than the other.
    A plus to cti, a little cheaper, so you

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    Sorry, cut off by iPhone
    perhaps stay a bit longer by choosing the more affordable option. We personally are so undecided that we will let secret rendezvous do the choosing for us. Best of luck!

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    We went to CTI for our honeymoon in September. It was lovely, everyone was so friendly and the staff went out of their way to make sure you have an amazing time. When we went there was no horse riding anymore, but they replaced this with mini bars in all rooms and all day room service which was nice. The beach is a little small yes, but when we went it was over crowded so we found ourselves a little place with not many people around. It is hotel like but it doesnt take away the charm. I would recommed a ocean view room. We were in building 4 floor 4 and had a amazing view of the ocean and tower isle. It wasnt noisy there either. It also looked over the wedding area so we watched a few ceremonies. The water is warm and you can use the floaties out there no problem. Resturants are lovely and the food is always amazing. Pools are kept clean all the time. One evening they allowed vendors to come in to the resort and sell things. There is also one vendor on the beach everyday. We went on the dunns river falls excursion and that is something you should do, afterwards you can walk through a market. They dont really force you into there shops unless you want to. I would recommed CTI to anyone, we had such a lovely time and was sad to leave. There are little spots around the resort where you can go and be with your other half alone. There are plenty of activities to do, loads of watersports and water vollyball and beach vollyball and a games room as well. I want to visit the other resorts and might go to CSA next time. But we will prob go back to CTI.

    Just thought I would let you know of our experience there. Hope you find the right resort for you.
    Couples Tower Isle September 2011

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    CTI is quaint and elegant and does offer the most exclusive AN experience via the island. Also I believe that CTI and CSS are the only resorts offering dunns river and horseback riding for free. Dunn's River is a must try but I have heard very mixed reviews for the Horseback. What sticks out most for me in your request is that you love the long beaches. That really leads you to CN or CSA. Both have amazing beaches and CSA has the longer more open of the 2 where you can walk off property to other sites ( not too great but gives you that open JA vibe as you mentioned. ) It really boils down to personal preference at that point. CN is more intimate and property is smaller in general than CSA. CSA is relatively long from end to end and restaurants and amenities are much more spread out so more walking from place to place. CN probably is oldest since any major renovations in comparison to the chain but holds its boutique style.

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    They are all good and all very different. Swept Away is our favorite as we are saving for trip#5. We got married at CSA and had the time of our lives. We were last there in April and horseback riding is not offered through the resort but locals ride up and down the beach and offer rides. Don't know how much though. All I can say is CSA has the best beach and gorgeous sunsets on Jamaica . I can email you some pictures if you are interested. Clemonssara40@gmail. Com

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    We chose CSA for our wedding 12/12/12 because it just seems to have so much more then the other resorts!! I have read over and over that CSA is the most romantic but no A/N but yes it is the biggest of them all!! CN is more cozy(smaller) but lots of people on this mb love CN too!! But to be honest with you we are at CTI for a week(really cause we just wanted to see the other side and do the Dunn's River Falls) and then we are at CSA for the week of the wedding and then we are moving to CN for the honeymoon for a week so we are getting to see everything we want to see in one trip!! Good luck but you'll be happy with whatever you chose!! We love the beach so we knew we wanted to get married on the Negril side!!

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    CTI does offer a tropical vibe. What it lacks that is important to you is the long beach with lots of activity. The beach is quiet. The rooms are tropical with light fabrics and cane furniture. CSA has your long beach, but there are no AN options on the beach. We prefer CTI and have our 6th trip booked for July 2012.

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    We stayed at CSS last month, and it is beautiful! However, if you want a great beach, go to Negril. We have been to another resort there and loved the beach! We are going to CSA next summer and can't wait!

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