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    Default wedding set up / dinner

    hello everyone
    i am getting married in december having a party of 30 or so.
    i was wondering if they provide sitting for the wedding with a big party. we are also doing a dinner @ one of the restaurants after the wedding do they decorate the table with flowers, etc..


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    I had a group of 20 for my wedding at CSS. Yes, they did provide chairs for all the guests and the wedding ceremony. We also told them we just wanted to have dinner at one of the restaurants afterwards, but they surprised us and put us in a private reception room and had the tables all set up with flowers from our arch and our very own wait staff and personalized menus. It was wonderful! Here are pictures, at the end you'll see the pictures of the reception room.

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    We had a few issues getting everyone in my party of 10 situated at 8 Rivers after our wedding, but they worked it out so that we were all sitting together. No surprise private room and personalized menus though...LOL.

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    thank you both for sharing. that makes me feel more at ease.

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