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    Default Karaoke on Couples Negril ( or any other resort near) > ?

    Hey kids, going Dec 11-18 and plan on killing it on the Karoake stage. Been practicing some killer tunes, so:

    where is all the action?
    Is there a good selection on songs? ( I hate when my only choices are elvis and sinatra.. not a knock on those choices, but I need a nice huge list)

    off the top of my head I plan on singing Angie ( Stones) and hopefully someone can rock some Beastie Boys No sleep til Brooklyn with me ( Duet) or maybe Walk this way (DMC)

    anyone anyone... so pumped right now.. 41 days.

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    They do karaoke at least 1 night a week at CN. Pretty big selection, just like anywhere else.

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    Karaoke 1 night and 2 or 3 nights of sing-a-long to the piano, which has a huge selection of songs. Paul Tucker, the piano player is absolutely great and has the ability to change the key of any song he is playing to most match that of the singer, yes, you can request and sing as long as you don't mind others joining in. He uses no music and also has a great voice. My wife and I return to Negril every February just to sing along with Paul, well, there may be a ton of other reasons too.

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    thanks. I hope I can go at least once. Who is down for a duet?

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