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    Default Tropical storm Rina?

    Is anyone out there worried about Rina? We leave for CSA in 11 days. It doesn't look like it will hit Jamaica dead on but will Jamaica see any weather from this storm? If the storm hits Florida or Cuba will our connecting flight out of Atlanta be affected? I'm from Nebraska and really know nothing about this kind of weather. Should I be concerned?

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    I don't think you have much to worry about... apparently there is a slight storm surge (ie churny, higher seas, some waves in the areas known for them) being noticed in Negril, but other than that it's pretty much business as usual...

    the flights will do what they have to do to keep you safe... as long as the storm isn't directly impacting any airport you are flying into/out of, you will be fine! but keep an eye on it prior to your departure as weather can be unpredictable!....

    i personally suspect in 11 days i suspect this storm will be all but ancient history and cleanups wherever it had landed in full effect.... you should keep an eye on the system following (currently known as 97L i believe) which has a bit more potential to directly impact Jamaica (although chances are low too)... i use stormcarib to track storms in the islands...

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    Thanks for your reply! I have been watching that second system you mentioned and so far conditions look good with that one. My hope is to find a nice clean beach and water when we get there!

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    I asked that before and the locals say there are no issues with hurricanes because of the mountains, they tend to push the storm around the island or the storm weakens when getting to the island

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