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    Default Resort credit used for room upgrade

    Has anyone ever used their credit to upgrade their room choice? Going to Sans Souci in Aug and thinking about it. How did it work out for you.. how much was the upgrade, Can it only be done when you arrive, Was it worth it etc. Thanks so much! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. We went to CN for our first Couples visit in June. We had a Garden view room and loved it (and everything about Couples)!!

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    I emailed Couples and asked the same qestion. They said the resort credit for 2011 could be used for an upgrade if available.

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    How would this work? Request it when checking in? Can you use the $200 repeaters credit too? Not that we have much chance of doing either, as going in early December and the resort is almost sold out.

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    Yes you would request it when you check in. It can't be done ahead of time. The upgrade would be charged to your room, just like anything you would buy in the gift shop etc. Then when you check out your $200 credit would be applied.

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    I had a $700 resort credit, and was going to use it for a room upgrade at CSA ( I dreamed about the Beachfront suites but they were out of our budget). I was going to do the upgrade, but first decided to check out the room we had booked.. We took a look at our room location, and fell in love with it. So, we had to use the $700 credit for other things ! So, before paying for an upgrade, make sure it is necessary !

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