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    Default CSA- Dinner Reservations for a SHORT stay?

    Hiya folks!
    My wife and I veterans of many trips to Jamaica over the past 20 years or so. We have stayed at a lot of different Jamaican resorts as a couple and with our children. However we have not seen much of CSA since we saw the place when it was just SA.
    We will be in Negril at a different resort we love for several days and then will move to CSA for just our last 3 nights. At some resorts that would make it very difficult to have a chance to enjoy a meal in the nicer 'reservation only' restaurants. If we arrive at CSA on a Monday afternoon and leave on Thursday (June 28- July1) what are our chances of getting reservations, and what restaurants should we be trying hardest to get into?
    Thanks and Maximum Respect- Looking forward to CSA!
    Roy and Nancy
    (Any tennis players there the week of June 28?)

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    Lemongrass and Feathers are both pretty popular so I would just be flexible with times and see which works for you. Not all are open every evening so that is also a consideration.

    We love to sit outside at Lemongrass and gave Feathers a miss last time as we did not want to be indoors.

    It has changed a lot since it was SA - loved it then as it was smaller and more personal but still a very nice resort.

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    There are only 2 which require a Rez, Feathers ( Gourmet- Dress Code ) and Lemongrass ( Thai -Resort Casual ). Feathers is typically closed on Monday. Otherwise they are both open during your stay,

    Once you check in, just see the Concierge for availability and be flexible for what times you can eat. I'm sure you will be fine. It's not like those resorts with the ridiculous lines to book dinners.

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    In June of 2008 we only stayed 3 nights at CSA. Upon arrival I went to schedule reservations and they already had us down. They said they do this for short stays. Obviously they weren't the greatest times, but at least we had the reservation. I don't know what the policy is now.

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    As soon as you check-in, walk over to the concierge desk (across the hall from check-in) and ask about reservations at either Feathers or Lemongrass. If you are willing to be flexible with your dining times, they should be able to fit you in. However, we always enjoy our meals at Patois Patio for dinner (no reservations), and The Palms also is a nice option, although less formal than the others. We usually hit the Palms on our first evening. Since you are arriving on a Monday, the Palms will be featuring the International Buffet. I think they really do a nice job with the buffet. Otherwise, the Palms offers an ala carte menu the other evenings. Patois has killer marlin dip and gourmet pizzas, among other choices.

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    Had the Marlin dip last night BobandJudy - and your right - it's killer!!!

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    crazymel - I'm so glad that you liked the marlin dip, and it's good to hear that it's still on the menu. What else have you had to eat? How is the weather? If you have time, please post details! It's always great to hear from someone who is actually at the resort.

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    Since you stayed when it was SA, you actually would qualify for the Repeater' dinner on Monday if you want to attend. I would not worry about it, just book your reservations when you arrive. We have stayed 4 days, and was able to eat at Feathers twice, and Lemongrass once. This trip, our favorite restaurant was Patios Patio. Personally, if I had to skip one restaurant then the Palms( not a bad restaurant, just the others have a much nicer atmosphere). However, on Monday, the Palms has the International buffet, and many say it is wonderful. Also, book the catamaran cruise when you arrive if interested.

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    Everything has been absolutely amazing! Got here Saturday and it was cloudy and rainy but only lasted until about 3 pm and then the sun came out. It's been VERY warm the last several days but we finally got about an hour of rain this afternoon and then again as we type! The sun has been out in between so we've still gotten in great sun!

    The food has been amazing, it might be easier to mention what I didn't like! LOL. Palms for breakfast and the ackee and salftish, Patios pizzas (even the vegetable was amazing), Lemongrass's soups and curries and the martini's at the martini bar have been the best! There hasn't been anything I haven't liked though Gonna go run and have some conch fritters and some wings at the cabana, I'll be back on later!

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    We love them all, but to us, although Feathers has great food, the ambiance is a lot like someone's rumpus room....We started visting CSA in 2000, and at that time Feathers was across the street where the Spa now was open air, and although it could get hot, we really enjoyed the ambiance a lot more....My suggestion would be to aim for Lemongrass (if you enjoy Thai/Jamaican cuisine). I really think there's something there for everyone who likes Asian cuisine, and honestly, the location can't be beat! When you get there, please ask the host/hostess to seat you outside around the edge of the balcony - that way you'll be able to enjoy the tiki torches and the starlight as well as the lights from the pool and the little white lights around the resort. This is by far our favorite place to eat for pure romance....and before dinner (while you're waiting for your specially requested table), you can enjoy the martini bar (they also serve sparkling wine and other drinks if you're not a martini lover).

    Patois Patio is also a great choice - we love the room for its island feel, and it always seems to feel cool and nice....Plus, the food there is really good!!!!

    We hope you enjoy your time at CSA!!

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