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Thread: Blowdryers?

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    Default Blowdryers?

    I can't remember if blow dryers were provided in the rooms at CN. Seems like I remember them being provided but they were really weak. Can someone tell me please?

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    Like to know also.

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    We had them at CSS, and I think they are at all the resorts. I do agree that they seem weaker though.

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    They do have blowdryers, but they are sometimes on the fritz. Last time ours kept overheating and shutting off. No big deal for me, but a little frustrating for the wife. We will definitely be bringing one from now on.

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    They have them in the rooms at CN. I used it about twice, as the humidity kind of killed whatever straightness I was able to wrangle! It worked fine, not professional strength, but good enough that I'll continue to leave mine at home.

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    I find that my DH standing behind me and going "phffooooooo" on my hair does a better job than the resort dryers. Bring your own. I do, however, have really long, really thick hair, so even with MY dryer it takes a good 20-30 minutes to blow dry. The ones on property would take an hour if I had the patience to use them. LOL.
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    Yes there is a blow dryer in the rooms. I have to take my own because, I need to use a diffuser. Naturally curly hair!! The dryers are small and not very powerful. But, they will get the job done.
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    why use the blowers when "beach hair" dried on the balcony while you sip a G and T is all that is needed???

    I always take mine with me, but other than going home day, I dont think I use it!

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    My hair is medium thickness and just past my shoulders (and dead straight!). I use the blow dryers and they work fine for me, but all I'm doing is drying my hair and not styling it. I think I would bring my own if I was trying to style it, but for drying my hair it works great. I am thinking the next time we go to just get some sort of gel to stick in my hair and let it go without drying it. Who knows, I just wanna get back home!
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    I leave my hair dryer home. The one at the resort is a little weaker but gets the job done. Theres not much you can do with hair, at least mine, in the tropical climate anyway. Besides I'm in paradise so No Worries

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