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    Default Anyone out there book CSA for November, 2011?

    Going to return to CSA Nov 10-17, any one else book that far in advance?

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    We have! We went to CN in Oct 2009 but want to try CSA so we talked a couple of friends into joining us and we'll be there November 5-12. So excited!!

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    I will be getting married there on 11/11/11! Just booked last night!

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    I won't book until I can get flights, so not until next spring. I like to schedule our vacation around the best flight times.

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    We will be at CN the week of Thanksgiving 2011!

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    Cindi and R&R We will also be going down there November 7th-15th and getting married 11/11/11 also! Congrats R&R! we will see you down there!

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    Default love this site!

    my husband and i are also traveling nov 10-18! we will be renewing our vows for our 10th anniversary. we originally booked at sandals negril with out travel agent but there was something unsettling to me about that place. when i looked into couples resorts i fell in love...especially with swept away. still deciding on a room category though! hope to see you there, im so happy their are others here with trips still so far away

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    Our trip is already booked for 2011!!

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    We will be there tenativly November 4-11 2011!! Can't wait to be sitting on my pool float and eating pumpkin dip :-)

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    Yep. We have already booked for Nov 17-22

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    Default Almost less than 300 days!!

    Dannychris- congratulations on your vow renewal! Everyone else for November its already 2011 this year will drag by.... hopefully we will blink and it will time to go Jamaica!!!

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    We (4 of us) will be there Nov. 11-19 celebrating 30 anniversaries. Congrats to the soon-to-be marrieds. This will be our 2nd visit & another couple's 4th (or is it 5th) visit. Can't wait!

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    We booked for my 50th birthday. Nove 26 - Dec 3, 2011. We're heading to CSW this Saturday Jan 22nd with a small group of close friends, so we're hoping to get our friends on borad with us for November too.

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    just booked CSA 11/14-11/21

    first time at CSA, been to CN 3 times and CSS 1 time

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    We will be there Nov5 -Nov 13 2011 for our second anniversay which is 11-11-11 we were married at CSA sunset wedding.Congrats to those getting married! Count down is on! Looking for excusion ideas and if anyone may want to go with us to save SOME Money. Let me know.

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    @Dan- it's not much of an excursion..but if you've never been was the best $80 we've ever spent. Talk to Elvis on the beach. He's in charge of jetskis/parasailing. We will also be there between Nov. 4-11. Perhaps we can meet up!

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    Nov 6th- 13th! For our wedding~ we have ALOT of family and friends attending Nov 9th- 13th!!

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    @jmckenzie21 would love to meet up! We are planning on going to Ricks one night, and maybe the ys falls or pelican bar. still narrowing done which excursion we will be doing.

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    My husband and I are going Nov 5th to 11th for our 10th anniversary!! We can't wait!!!!

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    Can't wait to go! I will be the one sitting at sea grapes with my endless pumpkin dip and chips in one hand and a drink(or 3) in the other!

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    Quote Originally Posted by indyjulie View Post
    We booked for my 50th birthday. Nove 26 - Dec 3, 2011. We're heading to CSW this Saturday Jan 22nd with a small group of close friends, so we're hoping to get our friends on borad with us for November too.
    We are going for the same dates... nov 26th - dec 3. We just got back from our third trip to CTI. We have been to CN twice and CSA once, so it will be nice to get back to swept away. How was your trip???

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    My boyfriend and i will be there 11/5-11/ first time to jamaica and i am so excited!

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    November cannot come quick enough everyone! I am soo excited. This last summer we went to Couples Negril and had a blast and this Winter we are trying out Couples Swept Away! I can close my eyes and feel the warm sun all over my body, see the beautiful crystal clear ocean and wonderful greenerie, taste the pina colada quenching my thirst, and hear the steel drums, frogs, and ocean waves

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    Just a quick trip Nov 24-29. Trying CSA for the first time to complete the foursome of couples. This will be Couples trip number 10.

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    Newbies here-we just booked CSA for our 25th Anniversary celebration-we will be there Nov 4th-11th. Don't want to wish the year away but very excited (we've never treated ourselves to anything like this before) Woo Hoo!

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