We have been to CN twice and absolutely love the rooms. After having stayed at everything from flea-bag motels in the Midwest to 5-star hotels in some of the largest cities in the U.S. and Caribbean, we find the rooms to have a simple, comfortable elegance about them. The tile is easy to clean, which is important since the sand is so powdery fine, the balconies are just perfect enough to get a good view while still being private, there is an AI mini-bar (with full size bottles) and a nice flat-screen TV. There has always been hot water, and the beds are super-comfortable. The alarm clocks work well (although the wake-up call is nice for early divers), the ACs work great, and they serve a fresh Caribbean breakfast (with Blue Mountain coffee) in your room every morning, if you please. The worst thing we have experienced is some tiny ants on the counter in the bathroom (only after leaving empty sugary drink cups), which is much more preferable to a load of pesticides, and the blowdryer overheated a couple times. With that said, I'm super-confused about what people actually expect from these rooms. After staying at 3-bedroom ultra-fancy private condos in Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and a few other places in the Caribbean, I would take CN a hundred times over, because of the comfort, convenience and "no worries" attitude that you naturally adopt there. When people complain about the rooms, I seriously question what they actually expect. Jamaica has it's own unique culture and vibe, and when people complain about the rooms, I seriously believe they have no idea what this experience is all about. If you spend so much time in your room that you have to come up with a list to complain about, you are not really experiencing this place at all. Couples Negril is a beautiful resort, and the rooms are no different. I would love to hear a genuine challenge to this post, but, honestly, it better be something other than a "leaky AC" or the "cleaning people didn't come at the exact same time everyday", because someone that uptight never actually left home at home and that's a huge problem in and of itself.

With that said... if you don't leave your worries at home, you are seriously missing out! And if you think your room is sub-par, I ask you... "Why are you spending so much time in your room?... You're in Jamaica, man!!!" 42 days to FEELING IRIE! (not "erie", which is a whole other discussion... kinda like "man" vs. "mon"... don't say "mon" to a Jamaican... regardless of what the t-shirts say, it's considered disrespectful, but the people are too nice to tell you that)