CTI in just 42 more days!

So, the wife and I are planning to visit the Isle at CTI on our first full day at the resort. Both of us are complete AN newbies and we've got a couple questions. I did try searching the forums, but didn't really find the answers.

1. When visiting the Isle, I'm presuming you should find a spot, then de-clothe? Seeing as I know many people (possibly myself, almost certainly the wife) can be rather uncomfortable dis-robing around others, is it OK to use the restroom for this purpose (separately, not together, from the pics others have posted of the tower, the restroom looks about the size of a port-a-john)

2. Suggestions on easy to remove clothing? My thought is (for me) a pair of swim trunks, shirt, and sandals, for her a bikini (easier to get out of then a 1-peice,) cover-up and sandals. I'm thinking having any sort of underwear to remove will lead (briefly {ooo a slight pun}) to some uncomfort on the part of the dis-robers...

3. IIRC, someone suggested that, on the Isle, if you're looking for the party, turn left from the dock (towards the bar) and for a quieter area (good for first timers?) turn right. Correct?

4. Is the bowling alley in the sub-level of the tower still open?

Thanks all!
CTI in:
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