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    Default Is couples vegetarian friendly???

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a vegetarian and a little concerned. (no meat, no seafood, will eat dairy)

    My man and I are eloping to Couples next year and I've been looking at the restaurants/menus online and see a few options.

    I would like to know if any vegetarians out there have stayed at CTI or CSS and if it was easily accommodated or if they are veg friendly.

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    Jamaica as a whole is very veggie friendly, but if you try the goat, you may be converted. Fair warning.

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    Have no fears! We stayed at CTI earlier this year - I am a vegetarian, my partner is not - and we both agreed that the food is AMAZING!!
    Plenty of veggie options - and CTI even has the veggie bar on the beach for smoothies and healthy veggie snacks. The restaurants definitely cater very well for vegetarians, and the staff are so fantastic that they will often arrange for a 'veggie version' of another dish for you if there is nothing on the veggie list you fancy.
    Believe me, you will be spoiled for choice!

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    I eat seafood, but rarely eat meat...lots of salads, veggies, won't have any problems...lots of great food & options...

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    Oh I'm interested to hear the replies to this also. I'm vegetarian too but I do eat cheese, eggs, and seafood - just no beef, poulty, etc... we'll be staying at CN.

    Congrats Danlotte on your upcoming marriage

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    I do not eat meat either but found a variety of yumminess to munch on when we were there 5 years ago. CN had an amazing veggie lasagne, I don't know if it's still offered tho. We're going to CSA in November so PM me after Thanksgiving and I'll let you know what kind of veggie fare I found.

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    My experience is only at CSA. As a vegetarian and a VERY picky eater, I must say this is the best food and food selection I've had. You will not find any problems with having plenty of delicious food to eat.

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I to have been wondering about the vegetarian options (no meat, eggs, milk and very little cheese on my diet) and am happy to hear that I will not be starving while at CSA!

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    Soontobe - Hi, we love CN and if all goes well, we'll be back this Christmas. My DH and I are exact opposites when it comes to food. He's all about the meat and seafood, and I'm about the pasta, veggies and the bread. I was never hungry while we were there. You can always find good food at CN and the variety is very good too.

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    I, too, am a vegetarian (no meat, foul, or fish) and I visited CTI five years ago (it was Couples Ocho Rios back then). Every night there was at least one item on the menu that I could eat, and usually there were a few. My big surprise came the one night they had a buffet pool-side. There was actually a tofu dish! I couldn't believe it and was overjoyed. Now, it wasn't the BEST tofu I had ever had but it was very good and I was extremely happy find it.

    I've been told that CSA is the best Couples Resort for vegetarians, but I haven't visited that location yet.

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    Default CTI is!

    I've only been to Couples Tower Isle and YES it is. They have a very popular veggie bar with amazing sandwiches, panini's, sweet potato chips, fresh fruit smoothies, veggie dips, hummus, juice of the yummy!

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    CSA probably has the best options for vegetarians. Feathers the gourmet restaurant has a nightly vegetarian menu prepared by the chef ( and it is not the same each night.). Seagrapes is a wonderful veggie/seafood restaurant directly on the beach ( even popular with the non vegetarians). Lemon grass offers great thai food , with Tofu and plenty of veggie options. Patios and the Palms also has different veggie meals each night. In other works, other then the beach grill, every restaurant accommodates vegetarians.

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    Yes! I am not a vegatarian, but the fruits and veggies are so fresh here I don't eat any meat at all just some fish at dinner! Yummy!!!

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