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Thread: Diving at CN?

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    Default Diving at CN?

    A few questions about diving at CN.

    We are certified divers, but have only dived a few times and it's been 5 years since the last time. Does the resort offer a refresher course?

    Also, since it's been so long since our last dive, our equipment, which wasn't much to begin with (face masks, fins - and snorkels for snorkeling) are needing to be replaced. Should we go ahead and replace those items or just use the resort equipment? Do they have skins or shorties?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Since it's been over 2 years, you will need to take the refresher course, which I believe is $90/pp. Although, they may let you take the free resort course and count that, instead. Ask for Sugar, as he is the one that handles the refreshers. A lot of people like to bring their own mask, fins, snorkel, but when we were there last November, there were a couple of people that used the ones supplied by the resort, which work fine. They do have wetsuits, which is the only equipment that carries a rental charge, and it's around $20 or so to rent those. All of the other equipment is provided by the resort at no additional charge. Enjoy! The guys at the CN dive hut are our favorite instructors and divemasters in all of the Caribbean!

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    dank120 covered it all I think.

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    Thanks for the info! Very helpful!

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