My wife-to-be and myself are getting married next September. We have decided on taking our honeymoon at Couples. We have narrowed our choices down to either CN or CSA, as the beach is big factor in our decision. Overall I think we are leaning more towards CSA, because of the more spread out and seemingly more intimate feeling rooms.

We were wondering how the atmosphere is around the pools at CSA. I keep reading everyone saying the CN is more of a pool scene while CSA has more of a beach scene. Now we both love the beach and again that was a major factor in choosing the Negril side of the island, but also would like to spend some time each day at the pool. The swim up bar pool in particular. I am sure it is just us being nervous about the decision but I can't help but picturing CSA's pool like a ghost town with nobody around. Now don't get wrong, I am not looking for a packed pool. Having some activity around would be nice though.

In all honesty I know we will be happy at CSA no matter what. It would just be nice to hear some of your feelings/experiences at both.