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    Does anyone know if they have vending machines at CSS? and whats in them? and price? I always like a bed time snack and havent reading anything about vending machines.

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    No vending machine. You will have to plan ahead when the gift shop is open and stash it in your room til midnight. I suggest you walk down to the beach grill for a midnight snack. They have nachos and burgers, etc. You could also order room service if it's before 11pm. Have a wonderful trip! CSS is beautiful!

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    There are not vending machines at CSS (to my best recollection). If you are looking for a bedtime snack, you might consider room service or a late night trek to the grill by Bella Vista on the beach.

    I will sometimes order room service in the afternoon that can be refrigerated and hold over for a late night snack (cheese platter, etc). Or you can just order when you get the munchies!

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    I don't think you'll find a vending machine at any of the Couples resorts. They do sell snacks in the gift shops though. You can also get something from the beach grill from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

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    No vending machines. You can buy snacks at the gift shop by the front gate or just go down to the beach grill open all night for such things as hamburger, fries or Jamicam patties. You can also have room service bring you some desert up to around 11 pm (worth ordering).

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    They have room service and the beach grill available to you....
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    No need for a vending machine at couples! Room service until 11 will deliver desert after that a nice moonlight stroll to the beach grill will satisfy your cravings... and no need to worry about drinks your mini bar will be stocked. If you are still worried than hit up the gift shop during the day... they have snacks at about average prices I think. I didn't actually buy any food there... or just pack your favorite snacks and bring then w you if you are looking for something specific. We are big snackers though and never went to bed hungry... we just had room service nachos every night. Yummmm I miss those

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    at Sans Souci i would suggest room service for a night snack. some nachos or such is available. the gift shop may have some snacks available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calgontakemeaway View Post
    They have room service and the beach grill available to you....
    can anyone confirm that room service offers
    snickers, oreos, kitkats, snyder pretzels? obviously the OP is looking for vending food not bar food
    you may wish to pack a bunch of snacks in a separate suitcase especially if you will be jonesing from pre bedtime activities enjoy

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    We don't need no steeeenkeeeng vending machines!!!

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    Only food, not junk food, you can buy that at the gift shop. This is their sample menue

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    I always bring a can of pringles and bags of combos. I keep combos in mini-fridge after opening. Pringles have a plastic lid
    so they keep ok. I have sometimes brought a ziploc bag of pistachios and cans of mixed nuts.
    I take in my carryon for in-flight munching if wanted.

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    Be prepared to $$ for snacks at the gift shop. $3 for what would be $1 here for Doritos, Combos etc.

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    No vending. Buy at the gift shop or take your own. I usually take a bunch of snacks (candy, peanuts, chex mix) to eat on the flight, really way to many, and that is what I will eat in the room if I want something like that to munch on. The mini is stocked no need to worry about a beverage. If I want something more, head to the all night grill, usually the beach grill. Fun, have a drink there, and talk with the people who are up like you.

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    You can always take the shopping day trip into Ocho Rios and stop by one of the grocery stores in town (if you're up for leaving the resort). They have snack/junk food/cookies, though many American/int'l brands will be more expensive than local snacks (try Holiday snack chips). Still cheaper than the gift shop and you will have more options in town.

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    I did not think you could get a drink at the beach grill only at the adjacent bar which does not stay open 24-7.
    This is what I know at CSS and CSA.

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