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    They do run out of mint leaves, just something you may have to deal with. Speaking of mohitos, the guys at the martini bar at CSA made one for my wife last summer using coconut rum, she always asks for her mohito with coconut rum now. Both at CSA and at home. Just something you might want to consider next time you order one.

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    Thanks for the tip, Dirtleg! I will try that. I make them at home ~ most places by us don't make them. They are a little time consuming to make... but, Oh so worth it!!

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    We just returned from CSS and saw mohitos being served at all bars. The only time the bartender could not serve the drink was because she was out of mint.

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    In Sept 2010, a wonderful Mojito was had at Lemongrass with my lovely wife.... Obviously a drink the 'seasonal' category, your mileage may vary.... However even though a Mojito is my staple, I tried anything and everything under the sun at the resort.

    I'm there for a visit...I can have all the Mojitos I want at home. So I'm getting a drink that my bartender makes that is their own personal specialty.

    Enjoy and Safe Travels.

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    Monin Premium Gourmet Syrup---Mojito Mix, this is a very good when mint is not available, excellent when fresh mint is added. Comes in 750ml bottle--wrap in bubble wrap and you can always have your Mojito. Ingredients: pure cane sugar, water, natural key lime extract, natural mint flavor. Classic Mojito: Combine 3/4 oz Monin mojito mix,1 1/4 oz white rum (or favorite), the juice of 1/4 lime and a few torn mint leaves. Shake with ice and top with club soda. Plan on taking 2 bottles for our trip.
    Luvsjam (Melody)

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