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    Default Can't wait - CSS SSB in August

    We'll be staying at CSS for the first time in August and look forward to trying out SSB. The information from this board helped make the decision. We may have to "stay to the right" when we first arrive as the wife will be a little shy but hopefully we eventually venture over to the pool/bar area.


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    We are in the same boat. My wife is a little scared but said she will give it a try. You only live once right!!

    See you there.

    BTW - we are going July 30 - Aug 3

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    Please let us know how you got on with the experience. Good or bad feelings about it, whatever. There is a thread called 'feedback after your vacation' a little below this one. Go there and post all your thoughts. It has proven a great help to many already (including my wife and me!). Have a great trip and enjoy the experiences, whatever they may be. JohnnieM

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    You guys will love it !!! Sunset Beach is amazing and there is plenty of room for privacy if you so desire. But the experience is amazing. And within a few minutes of arriving, I am sure your wives will see how really natural it feels !!!

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    I was that way myself, but after we got there, No Promblem Mon, Now I am ready to go before my Hubby.

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    The SSB pool is too fun to stay out of for very long, plus the bar, food, and restrooms are located by the pool so eventually most people end up....IN THE POOL!

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    Canwincouple and Abilene, just to say have a fantastic holiday/vacation, leave some alcohol for us visiting later on this year and please make sure you let us know on the 'feedback after your vacation' thread exactly how your experience with SSB was.

    No worries mon!

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    Looking forward to trying SSB as well. Both of us are nervous, but we are willing to give it a try. Paul and Frances, Aug. 10th to 14th. See you all there.

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    The nerves fall away quickly. You will love it....We arrive on the 10th as well. SSB is a wonderful spot. Our first time we arrived, started over to the right away from the pool, got comfortable, and then before we know it were at the pool and meeting the nicest people. We are returning for our 5th time. David & Eileen from PA. We look forward to meeting you soon...Splash

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    We're also going to CSS in Aug for the first time and plan on trying SSB. A little nervous about it but as Abilene said "you only live once". We don't get there until the 22nd so I guess we'll miss all of you. Have a great trip and maybe we'll meet another time.

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    Splash...just got to say that I LOVE your profile name!

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    Thanks...Glad you like it! Have a great day...Splash

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    A & W - we'll be there starting the 20th so we will likely meet. We'll be to the right on the beach I am sure. See you there.

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    Hi canwincouple,

    It's going to get mighty crowded on the right side then LOL cuz I'm sure that's where we'll be starting out. See you in a few weeks :-)

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    Hi A & W and Canwincouple, My wife and I will be arriving on the 22nd. Please be sure to say "Hi". We've been to CSS and SSB before, so we'll probably be in the SSB pool. If you're so inclined, come over and grab a drink at the swim-up bar and just ask "Who's DnDinJamaica?". If it's your 1st time doing the AN thing, you'll love it. We meet the nicest people and there seems to be less "judgement" with AN than on the textile side of just about any resort. I guess it's tough to lie or even embellish while you're there "as you are". LOL Pack a little extra sunscreen :-) and get ready for a great vacation. No worries, mon!! We look forward to meeting you.

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    Default A&W...

    We are there on the 26th... second trip to CSS and we didn't leave the SSB pool the entire time were there the first go-round. Look forward to seeing you there :-)

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    Looking forward to making your acquaintance, what time does your flight land, maybe we'll be on the shuttle together? Either way we'll be asking for you :-) We are so looking forward to this vacation!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grayturtless View Post
    Looking forward to trying SSB as well. Both of us are nervous, but we are willing to give it a try. Paul and Frances, Aug. 10th to 14th. See you all there.
    Enjoy the AN experience grayturtles! I note from another thread that you have probably arrived in Jamaica or are well on your way. Don't forget to add your experience to 'feedback after your vacation' thread. Ya mon!

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    Hi A&W,

    We arrive in Jamaica around 8:00 am (Jamaica Time). So, we're hoping to be on the resort by 10:30 or 11:00 am!! If we don't see you on the shuttle, we'll see you at CSS!!

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    Lucky you!!! We don't arrive until closer to 1pm and hoping to be at the resort between 3 & 4. Have a great flight and we'll see you there.

    Single digits tomorrow!!!!!

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    It ony took my wife about 2 minutes to get used to it and now I can't stop her (not that I want to). We're going to SSB on August 21st. She has been to the nude beach here in NJ 3 times in the past month to work on her "tan lines".

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    We won't answer for you gray turtles but I can say they were not gray turtles very long I believe by the second day at SSB Frances was a very red turtle. We had a blast hanging out with you guys. (literally- lol ) - I'm sure CSS was more fun then Negril- (LOL) You'll have to let us know. Sunset Beach Forever.....


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    Ian and Gaynor to Tammi and Gerard......come in ........over! We didn't get your email add to check you're both still OK and snapping.

    Best regards


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    Love your post! We had a great time hanging out with you guys as well. We did love CN, but it was not nearly as much fun as CSS. As you stated, being so red, we just hung out under a tree for shade at CN. It was totally different there, with know one socializing at all. It was much easier getting in and out of the water though. We plan to go back to both resorts, and hopefully we will cross paths again. Thanks for helping me fit in at SSB.

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    Great user name Ian/Gaynor!


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