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    Default Who is headed to the AN Beach?


    Sally and I will probably be there a time or two.
    See you then. It has been soooo cold.

    Arrive late afternoon on the 11th and leave on the 19th.

    The Sheriff and his deputy

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    Hey Mike!!! Wondered if we would see yall again this year!!

    We land at 2 something, and grabbing a TimAir flight over to the resort... if the timing works out and yall are interested in the puddle jumper let me know and i'll add you to the reservation.

    Good to know you'll be patrolling the beach for us! LOL

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    Hey Sheriff, your patrolling duties have been extended to 24/7 so you can deal with all those loud obnoxious hooligans in the AN hot tub at 3:00 in the morning. Good luck and long live the King!!!!

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    Default YO Beachwed

    We will pass on the Timair. Sally hates the little planes.
    Beyond hate, fear more like it.

    We get in MBJ about 1:45 on the 11th. Should be Home about 4:00 - 4:30.

    Yo JJ,
    What are you doing on this thread? You guys threw us under the bus this year.

    The Sheriff

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    Crown?....Crown? How about a throne? Course the previous occupant was found in a spider hole and hanged!
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    huh. thought i knew how to put a pic in.... guess i was wrong.
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    Default Who is headed to the AN beach?

    Cathy and I have never done AN before, but we may just give it a try.

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    NAMES: Stacey and Matt Davies (we'd love to meet new friends!)

    TRAVEL DATES:March 10-17 CN
    FROM:Elk River, Minnesota (really part of Minneapolis)
    AGES:39 (Stacey) & 40 (Matt)
    KIDS:3, all boys (13, almost 12, and 10)
    OCCUPATIONS:Matt owns his own remodeling company, stacey....let's talk about her directly.
    WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DRINK THE MOST OF IN JAMAICA? Tough call to answer, we're newbies. Matt likes beer; captain/diet cokes. Stacey likes her wine but she hates whiners (one of our kids lately).
    IN JAMAICA I'D LIKE TO: Just learn what it's all about--we love to snorkle and see what every place has to offer. Our mantra has been - no place twice. Hasn't really worked yet, right :-)
    WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A KID: Hmm. matt is not here to ask but I'd guess it would be something electronic. LOL Me, barbies - what does that mean?
    IF YOU COULD HAVE A SUPER POWER,WHAT WOULD IT BE: ?? too many insane ideas to post here...

    Who else is there the week of March 10th? We're so excited and would love tips!

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    Default To the Deputy

    If you try the AN, do it early in your trip. You may find you like it and sorry you didn't do it earlier. If not, on to other things.
    We are from NW PA, just over the pond from you. This is our 11th time to CN, 16th to Jamaica.

    The "Sheriff" and his deputy

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    Welcome Stacey and Matt!!
    You will LOVE CN and Jamaica! The people make the place! LOL
    Now you really have us curious Stacey, in your response to you occupation!!
    Look forward to meeting yall!

    Deputy -- I have to agree with The Sheriff, go on one of your first days at the resort, if you love it - you'll have the rest of the vacation to enjoy it. If it's not your cup of tea, you can say "been there, done that" and move on!

    27 days!!


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    Default AN

    I've heard about the AN section and several posts mention it - but where exactly is it? I don't see it on the map for CN.

    Profession - it's nothing sexy, totally boring though I do work in the warehouse district of our city by a place called SEX WORLD. Hubby likes the sound of that.

    :-) Stacey

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    Welcome Stacey and Matt! Shelli and I (Kerry) are also arriving on the 10th, so depending on your arrival time (ours is around 12:45) maybe we'll see you in the airport lounge. Looking forward to meeting you!

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    Hey Minnesota, we live in Blaine. We will be going to CTI March 12-20 for the 3rd time. I know that I am posting on the CN sight, but that's because I have lots of friends on here that are going to CN in March. We were at CN for the 2nd time last March. Stacey, I know exactly where Sex World is! Ummm...not because I have been there but because a friend of mine used to bartend at Acme Comedy Club and my ex works at the Federal Reserve Bank. So where exactly do you work if not at Sex World? Deja Vu? I haven't been there either! Ok...maybe once. Or twice. If you guys would like to meet up for a drink sometime, let us know.

    Hey Sheriff, you better be nice to me...I got some great blackmail material on you!

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    Rhonda and Sheriff,
    I'm sure that after a few glasses of liquid courage we'll head over to the AN beach early in our vacation. It sounds like it's a cool laid-back atmosphere over there. We'll be there in 24 more sleeps.
    Dan and Cathy

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    Default JJ

    Nice Pic
    I think that's my wife.

    The sheriff

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    Uh-oh did you ever become sheriff if you can't even correctly identify your own wife? Sally was watching from the side as I took the picture. You better hope your deputy doesn't see your comment or it's in the jailhouse for you! Again.

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    Default JJ

    I am perfectly aware of who that is.

    Just trying to keep peace in the valley.

    That was a night to remember. Sure wish I could remember.

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    QUOTE=sir mayhem;50427]Welcome Stacey and Matt! Shelli and I (Kerry) are also arriving on the 10th, so depending on your arrival time (ours is around 12:45) maybe we'll see you in the airport lounge. Looking forward to meeting you![/QUOTE]

    Helloooooo Stacey and Matt! Craig (The DudeMon) and I (Kim-Blonde Hawaiian) will be arriving on the 10th. What is your arrival time? Our is 11:20. If you don't see Shelli and Kerry maybe you will see Craig and me at the airport Couples lounge. You are going to love Jamaica.

    AN = All Nude Beach

    Here is Craig, Kim, Shelli & Kerry....can't wait to meet you guys!
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    Updated the spreadsheet! 25 more day!!!
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    Stacy and Matt...this is a pic of Rhonda (Beachwed2007) and Mark!

    They will be arriving on the 11th!

    Hope it's okay Rhonda that I posted a pic of you guys! haha
    Attachment 4849

    Oh look....Kerry (sir mayhem ) is in the background!
    Bring on the Salty Dogs!
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    My wife and I arrive on the 8th for 2 weeks. We're from South Dakota and I know she's looking forward to not moving snow for awhile. I'm in Afghanistan and this will be our first time together in 5 months. Ain't she a dear to book at a resort with an AN beach?

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    Little correction... Karen and David will be there Feb 28th to March *7th*. Hate to cut our vacation short by a day, even if just on an Excel spreadsheet! Look forward to meeting everyone.

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    kd the spreadsheet is corrected.

    Welcome morry! How wonderful to see your wife in Paradise after 5 months. You are going to love Jamaica.

    Can't wait to meet everyone!
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    Stacey the AN beach at CN is located near building 9 -- here's a link to a board posting with the building layout...

    see the squared hedge area with? That's it, and the small blue dot near the top is the AN hot tub. It's a great spot and we've never had trouble with it being "crowded"!

    Kim the picture attatchments didn't come through.... I'll try to put another one up! Can you believe we're only 3 weeks out..... so excited to see yall again!! As for the salty dogs - I'm in!! Shall we plan another beach grill bar patio meet-up?!

    morry Welcome - I know the two of you will have a wonderful "rendezvous" in Jamaica!

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    Mark and Rhonda

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    Let me try again!

    Attachment 5019

    Rhonda - Beach Grill meet up sounds great! What time do you think you are going to be there on the 11th?
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    Default Wow, what a friendly message board!

    sorry I fell off the grid since my posts a week ago. In 3 weeks we'll hopefully be feeling the warmth of Jamaica! Let me see if I can keep everyone on here straight--and what great pics everyone. I'll try to post one of Matt and I later.

    Beachwed2007 (Rhonda and Mark)--thanks for the welcome and the info on where the AN is - very helpful. I'm sure Matt will want to try that our first afternoon :-)

    Blonde Hawaiian (Kim and Craig)- thanks for the warm welcome. We're looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Sir Mayhem (aka Kerry and Shelly)- thanks for your welcome too. You'd be surprised to know that we do arrive at the same time as you, hopefully ~12:45 See you at the couples lounge!

    Jamaican Junkie (dave?)- have a great time at CTI. Crazy you are from Blaine--we were just there for hockey--again.

    Looking forward to meeting you all at some point!

    Hi to DudeMon, jerzzgirl, newlyweds, Sheriff, Deputy, the king (not my king!) and the Canucks! Sounds like a crazy and fun bunch of repeat CNers visit this site.

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