Can friends really read your heart? I am convinced they can!

It has been a horrible year, lost my job of 20 years, adult kid problems, well you get the general idea.

3 friend of mine and I who have been friends since 7th grade did Cancun for our 40th birthdays as a girls trip. We decided to do something for our 50th in 2010. We started a "fund" two years ago putting payments in every month. I was pushing for the guys to go too, we wanted to go somewhere none of us had been before, which as you can imagine was difficult. I researched and researched and we had pretty much decided on Punta Cana. 2 of the 3 friends had been with us our first trip to CN in 06, so Jamaica was a place we had all been...... It did not qualify.

We met last week to make a final decision as to whether our husbands would join us and where we were going. All of a sudden, Mary says to us all......."I know we were hellbent on a place none of us have been before BUT I really liked Jamaica and would not mind going back". My friend Deb quickly agreed, and said I loved the place, the service, the food, and Mary said and the premium of course they were referring to Couples Negril. Nancy the friend who has not been said, all I have done is listen to you all for years rant and rave so I'm in.....I just started laughing.. Then they said "Would you mind going back"???? I was rolling with tears in my eyes at that point!!!!!

I said if you loved CN, then trust me and try CSS you will love it too, I explained CSS a bit and they quickly said "done deal". I sat there with my jaw to the floor.......... Called Tommy and called Renee and said.......start thinking about it, will not be complete without you!

Trip number 4 to Couples here I come!!!!!! Mary I love you I love you I love you!!!! I really feel she read my heart as to what I need right now to make me smile and to give me something to look forward to.