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Thread: July 2012

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    My brother and I will be there with our lovely spouses from 07/08 - 07/15. Hope to meet new friends and have just a good time. It will be our first time there so we are looking forward to it.

    The "Mo" brothers!

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    Welcome DAMOS. The four of you can look forward to your best vacation ever. We are headed back for our fifth consecutive year. CN has the greatest beaches and you will fall in love with the resort and all their employees like we have. We have made great friends while there and we now plan our return trips together. We will be there the same time as you. We on on the beach by day and around a bar by night. Hope we can all meet up.

    145 days and "slowly" counting!

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    DAMOS We have to agree with Jndp, this will be our 5 th trip to CN and have made great friends

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    Sounds like a blast! We look forward too it. Hope to meet ya'll! Wf are all from San Antonio.

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    My wife and I are also returning to CN June 29th - July 6th. We have been to CSS and CTI before as
    well as CN. We should land at MBJ about 12:30 PM. Any interest in sharing a plane from MBJ to
    Negril. We have done this before. The views are great and it is a 12 minute plane ride verses the 1.5 hour bus ride.
    Dave & Ginger

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    Hey C1lafan,

    We would love to meet up with you all. We will be arriving on the afternoon of 07/08 and we leave on the 14th. Would love to connect with you all and have a drink or to. My brother will buy. :-) Or order....

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    Hey Cands,

    we will all be there during the same time. We should all get together. The Moreno brothers. I believe we get in the afternoon of the 8th. Should be fun!

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    welcome DAMOS! we are with the group; jndp, chris & denny and cands. we all met at CN. we agree with all everyone has said about CN and can't wait to get back in 130 days. CN and good friends....priceless!

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    Anyone planning to be there the week of July 23? We visited CN for the first time last August, made some awesome friends and have been talking about it ever since! We are bringing our best friends with us this year. Can't wait to "come home" and meet even more new friends!

    Lorraine and Russell, Fort Worth TX

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    The count down is officially on now that we have 121 day to go! CN here we come July 9-19, 2012.

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    The countdown is down to 120 days.... DAMOS, we will be one day into our vacation by the time you get there, so we will buy (order) your drinks for you and have them waiting at the bar for you when you arrive.... The eight of us coming in on the 7th are from California and so you should be able to recognize us by our accents....
    In case this doesn't work, just look for my "cat" tattoos, as I will be in the pool playing volleyball, or in the pool at the bar, or at the bar getting ready to head to the pool...
    Not too long and the countdown will be in the double digit range....


    Casey Gloria

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    hello, me and my boyfriend will be traveling that same week at CN; our first time in Jamaica were lookin to meet up with people for drinks

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    We have made it to the double digit dance !!!!! Can't wait to see our July friends again

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    It's official. We are doing the Double Digit Dance! Countdown clock just hit 99 days until home again. Hope Franklyn remembers how to make that special vodka drink as we have every intention of abusing that wonderful creation of his.

    See everyone soon!

    Don and Jeanie

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    Counting the days June30 -July7

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    Sean & Anna (Northern Kentucky).......we will be here July 16th thru 23rd......our first time here and hopefully it wont be our last at this resort. We have been to CSS & CTI and CSA (previous week) so we are eagerly anticipating how this visit will be compared to the others.
    We hope everyone enjoy their trip.

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    Hi everyone!

    Me and my lovely fiance will be headed to CN on June 29- July 6. We will be wed on July 3rd! Can't wait. This is our first trip to CN, I've never been to Jamiaca, he has once. We are excited to get married on the beach. See ya'll soon.
    Jeff and Erin

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    Double digits!!!! 94 days!!! We can't wait! Our flight time did change so now we get in 1/2 an hour later than originally planned. Hopefully immigration won't be a nightmare........

    So tell me - jndp, chris&denny, cathynky - have any of you booked for 2013??? Just curious....

    Can't wait to see you all in July. We are also looking forward to meeting everyone else who is going to be there in July!

    Cindy and Shaun

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    Jeff & Erin,
    We also arrive on June 29th. What time do you land at MBJ?
    Dave & Ginger

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    Hi Cindy and Shaun
    Yes we are looking at dates for next July as well but haven't decided what to do, nine days at the eight day price or go for ten days at the nine day price? But we have until the 17th to decide. It is hard to believe that in less than 3 months we will be back in paradise, we can't wait to see everyone again.

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    hi guys,
    yes we are going to book by the 17th. we will probably book for 8 nights at the 7 night price. plus $300 resort credit. 82 days can't wait. i hope we can find a couple more chairs at our table cause my brother and his wife will be joining us this july. they are from kansas. hopefully they will love it as much as we do. they have never been to jamaica. looking forward to seeing all our vacation buddies.

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    83 days and we are back home!!! And, we just booked for July 2013. Had to take advantage of the free night!
    I am including a picture of us. Hope others can do the same so we can recognize us "meet up posters" when we see each other at the swim up bar...
    Name:  Jamaica Honeymoon 2007041.jpg
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    We arrive around 1030

    Quote Originally Posted by dolphinswimdad View Post
    Jeff & Erin,
    We also arrive on June 29th. What time do you land at MBJ?
    Dave & Ginger

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    Jeff & Erin,
    We arrive at 11:54 on a Jet Blue flight from Orlando, so you will most likely be at or close to the resort by the time Ginger and I land. We have been to CN before and it is our favorite resort and that is why we chose to return. Depending on your departure time, we may want to look at sharing a plane from Negril to MBJ on July 6th. We have done this before, the views plus the 12 minute plane ride are priceless. I did send you a friend request, check your profile.

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