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    Default Missing Room Types @ CSA

    Ya mon,

    Has someone stayed in a Garden Verandah Suite more recently than Nov 2009 (when we were there)?
    If so can you confirm the terra cotta flooring that we had experienced?
    If anyone has stayed in a terra cotta tiled room (any category) in the past few months please advise.

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    We traveled to CSA in Nov 2010 and stayed 3 nights in the Garden Verandah Suite and then 3 nights in the Great House Verandah Suite... While the amenities were the same; we hated the Great House (loud noise and floor tiles in a very institutional mint green colour, not the Caribbean feeling we had with our first room).

    As we are planning our next stay we certainly wanted to return to the Garden Verandah Suite, our favourite or maybe even just a staight up Garden Suite to avoid the TV and have more lushness.

    HOWEVER- Now I am seeing there is no such thing as a Garden Suite. As of today; the only thing I see without the word "verandah" in the name is the Beachfront Suite. We are not interested in being front row centre in the sand with lack of privacy. Plenty of people enjoy this and we respect that, its just not for us.

    At this point, all I care about is the the lush gardens and terra cotta tiles!
    Looks like (from the 360 view and photos) we now would have to upgrade to the Ocean Verandah Suite because Couples are using the same 360 view for both the Great House Verandah and the Garden Verandah Suites.

    All other room types have their own 360 view so I am concerned that this is not an error or over site.
    Our concern is that our beloved Garden VS is now only available with the minty tiles.

    Now with the room categories all being streamlined; we need to know have they been changed? Renovated or refurbished? If yes, in what ways?

    What the difference? What should I know as a past traveller who already has clear expectations? The room type descriptions on this website are ambiguous.

    This message board was so helpful when we planned the first trip!
    Thank you and much Respect in advance to anyone who can shed some light-
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