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    Default Do I need to confirm reservations?

    My wife and I booked a trip to CN through an on-line travel web site. We booked the trip back in June and arrive on September 5th. Can someone please advise if we need to contact the resort prior to departure to confirm our reservations?

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    Its not a bad idea... I would definitely contact the resort to give them a heads up on your flight number and its scheduled arrival time (MoBay) at minimum. If you have a contact at the travel agency, they should take care of this for you, but we always call anyway.

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    It wouldn't hurt to call them to make sure. I always do and we also book with an online TA. We've never had a problem in 9 trips but you never know, there's a first time for everything.

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    Thanks all. Good advice. I will do as suggested. Getting very excited! First time in Jamaica and first time at a Couples resort. Can't wait. Eleven days and counting.....

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    Make sure you sign up for Romance Rewards right away. If you don't get your number before you check-in, make sure and let them know at the front desk.

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    We leave Tuesday. I got a confirmation email this morning.

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    I would definitely confirm reservations with the resort & also the airlines ..... Normally not a problem but better to be safe than sorry .... A few years ago, I booked through an online travel site & when I called to confirm the air, they had us on different flights that what I'd booked & what showed on our confirmation & we would have missed out connecting flight ..... A 2 minute call saved us tons of frustration ..... Better to error on the side of caution.

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    We also are arriving on the 5th!!! Where are you coming in from?

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