We are somewhat of regulars at CN (6 times there, once to CSA). We were there last for the first week of February. One of the things that we really loved about Couples has been the food!! This past trip left us rather disappointed. It seemed that the breakfast and lunch buffets NEVER changed. Every day it was the same food. It got old by the end of the week. We were also disappointed with the changes at Heliconia. It had become our favorite place to eat but it wasn't as good with the changes. On our shuttle back to the airport we were told that the Executive Chef had left 2 weeks prior and hadn't been replaced yet. The trip still cost us the same - executive chef or not so that was disappointing. In fact, we were so disappointed that we booked our Feb 2011 trip to the Dominican Republic instead. But Jamaica kept calling to us. You repeaters know how that is. Yesterday I had our trip switched and we'll be back at CN. My question is this - is the food back up to the old standards? Sooo hoping I did not make a mistake by switching it!
Thanks in advance and please don't throw rocks...I'm calling it like we experienced it.