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    Default The new brochure is ready to order

    greetings to all,

    Order the new Couples brochure now and then come back and let us know what you think...

    Couples Resorts

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    Very professional!

    Life is good

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    I noticed that the information in the brochure regarding the Romance Rewards is showing the old benefits and not the new changes made.
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    I completed the form, but it keeps asking a suite/unit and we don't have a suite/unit number.

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    It's requiring me to enter a unit or suite number. I don't have a unit or suite, I live in a house.

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    Nice brochure and we've ordered one.
    However, the brochure continues to list closed days for certain Couples Negril restaurants that were changed at the beginning of 2011.
    This continues to confuse guests. Perhaps at least the online brochure (and website) could be corrected.

    What the website (and largely the online brochure) incorrectly lists:
    Dinner: ...closed Thursday

    Dinner: ...closed Saturdays

    closed Thursdays

    closed Monday

    What the actual closings are as of early 2011 :
    Dinner: ...closed Thursday in lieu of the beach party

    Dinner:...closed Saturdays

    closed Mondays (for the repeater dinner)

    closed Thursdays

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    Love it - Makes me want to go & I already know it's GREAT!!!!! Pictures look just like the real thing ... at least CN, CSS, & CSA pictures do .... Never been to CTI. No need to air brush because Couples is perfect just the way it is.

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    Ohlala! MAGNIFICANT............makes me want to head to Couples NOW!

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    Is there anyway to download a PDF? I love having the brochure on my iPad.

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    Wow - very nice - excellent job!

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    Hi Randy! I was looking at your new brochure and saw that it said horseback riding was included in CTI. Is it really included again? I thought it was being discontinued.

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    If you enter a space in the unit/suite field it accepts that so I was able to order one. A few of our friends have talked to us about our vacations but they always end up going on a cruise with whoever else already has a vacation planned even though they don't like cruises that much. I think looking at the brochure would help them make a decision to take their own vacation that they would really enjoy!

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    I loved the new brochure. There seems to be a problem listed in the brochure on page 47. It lists the price of a Vow Renewal Ceremony as $200 and I was charged $250 last month as it is listed on the website for the One Love Ceremony.

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    I don't think the online version is the most recent once. That is why I am assuming he said to "order" the new one.

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    This appears to be the same brochure I've had since last August.

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    The electronic brochure appears to be the same one I received in the mail last August. Is the one being mailed the new one?

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    CN is the only 1 w/o a fruit bar... didn't even know the rest had, but now I'm jealous

    anyhow, why wouldn't CN have such a simple thing?

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    Greetings to all:

    The online version has not been updated. SOON COME. :-)

    Couples Resorts

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    Default how long does it take to get the brochure?

    I feel like i ordered mine maybe over a week ago...I live in the US...whats the average time it takes to get booking my wedding very shortly and and dying for the brochure to get here!!!

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    I got the new one in the mail on Friday, nice job Randymon! We went out for dinner that night to a Jamaican restaurant and were talking with a couple that were planning a trip. Luckily, I had a copy of the old one in my truck to give them!

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    Can't wait to get mine! Looks awesome

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    Got ours the other day but the wife took it to work to show some friends.

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