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    We are renewing our vows in August 2012, only 350 days lol. Was wondering how early is too early to send out save the date and the invites?

    And Do you tip your wedding cordinator, how much?

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    You could send your save the dates now, that way it gives ppl lots of time to book vacation time and save for the trip. I sent mine about 10 months in advance and never did send the invites.

    You cannot tip the wedding coordinator because she is a employee of couples, but we did bring her a gift of bath stuff.

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    Thank- you.

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    I agree, you should go ahead and send the invites now. I'm having a vow renewal next summer too, July at CSA, and I sent out my invites in June! The more time you give your gurests to plan, the more likely they will actually be able to come! We have invited 6 couples, and so far 3 are positive, 2 are possible, and only 1 couple can't go. One of our couples already has reservations (like we do)!

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    I was thinking that if I send out the save the dates now with my wedding site that has info on Couples and thier website everyone would have time to plan and book. My dad booked right away to get the $300 resort cerdit deal, lol.

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