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    Default 33 Sleeps and a wakeup OMG!

    I am starting to get very excited about our upcoming trip home to Swept Away! in only 33 sleeps and a wakeup we will be on our way!. In 2 weeks I am going to start getting the packing started… yeah yeah I know that may be a little extreme to start packing 2 weeks in advance BUT if you only knew how unorganized I have become lately you would agree its a good idea. Anyone else out there going to be at CSA around the 15th?? Can't Wait, Cant Wait, CANT WAIT!!!

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    Francinel, I am excited for you and hope you have a great time at Swept Away!! heck yeah I'll probably start packing even sooner then 2 weeks! LOL

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    Only 2 weeks to pack????? LOL!! Just kidding. I usually start at least 4 weeks in advance. We are booked for the first week in February I will be getting things sorted in October!! Yes .......... October. With winter around the corner in October it would make no sense for me to put away the summer clothes just to turn around and take them back out again. Have a fun/safe trip!!
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