I've put some home improvements on the back burners for some time now . My kitchen has been half done now for 2 years. I can only really do it pieces anyway because of the costs. I didn't want to give up our trips to CSA. We live in an older townhome in need of new siding , windows and the worst one is the sliding glass doors. It would just make more sense to do it all at once. It goes to a community vote this fall and I do hope it passes as it will be more expensive if it doesn't in the long run. I'm just a little bummed as I came to realize it might be 2 more years or maybe more before we get back home. We are going on a cheaper cruise this winter and stopping in Jamaica so we'll get a little taste of home. Things aren't all bad. I'll just keep on reading this board as it really is awesome and I'll keep saving my pennies. Thank you Couples and Randy for this board and website.