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    Default Vaccinations?

    Does anybody get vaccinated for travel to Jamaica? Our local travel clinics are trying to push Hep A and B as well as Typhoid fever.

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    We have not gotten any special vaccinations for Jamaica.
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    We've never had any of those and as many people stay on resort there certainly is no need.

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    Most people do not receive vaccinations before traveling to Jamaica; people will respond that no vaccinations are necessary, but all that means is that Jamaica does not require Americans (or Canadians, in your case) to have received certain vaccinations before entry will be permitted. I looked on the web site for the Center for Disease Control, and it recommends that travelers receive the same routine vaccinations you've asked about before traveling to Jamaica.
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    I would suggest checking your records to be sure that you tetanus vaccination is up to date... that's just common sense. You'll find that you're spending a lot of time barefoot, and if you step on something, this could be a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandj View Post
    We've never had any of those and as many people stay on resort there certainly is no need.
    Huh?? That's not true at all
    MANY people leave the resort ....and you can eat and drink almost anywhere you are in Jamaica and feel safe.

    Besides, you can get Hepatitis at a Fast Food place on the Interstate or at a Buffet at a hotel.

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    My doctor also suggested the same thing stating " if you eat bad food you will be glad you had these." In my opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry. I would get them if your insurance covers them.

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    I would suggest you get the Hep A and B vaccinations even if you don't go to Jamaica! Since Hep A is mainly transmitted orally by contaminated food or water, you can get that back home! Hep B is transmitted by body fluids so I wouldn't think you would need it anymore than you already do just because you are going to Jamiaca. Afterall, your going to Couples not that other resort that shall remain nameless! LOL! That's just my 2 cents anyway!

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    You do not HAVE to have any shots to go to Jamaica. I would agree that a tetanus shot is something you need to consider & is a good idea because you are barefoot all the time & s#%t happens. We've been to the nurse's station a few times for stepping on a sea urchin in the swim area & ripping the bottom off a toe on the sand volleyball court, etc. If you are not planning on being off the resort much, I really wouldn't worry about all the other stuff but that is just my opinion. We've never had any issues in 9 trips.

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