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    Hi everyone! My hubby and I are planning on going to CTI next May - this will be our first time to Jamaica and we are super excited. However, many times when we have shared with others that we are headed there, people tell us horror stories of people being robbed, tied up, kidnapped, etc. if they leave the resort (any resort, not Couples specifically.) Can anyone speak to this? Did you all feel safe if you left the resort to shop or do excursions? I was very excited about this trip, and now I find my self second-guessing. My husband and I are very aware of our surrounding when we travel, but you never know I guess! Please help!

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    We have been to Couples Negril and have left the reort to shop, go to Margaritaville, Rick's Cafe etc. and have never felt unsafe. We even walked to the local craft market with no problems. Just use common sense...don't go down a dark alley at night type of thing.
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    I've been to Jamaica twice, both in Ochos Rios. While I am sure there are unsafe places in Jamaica, as there are unsafe places in the town I live in, I never felt unsafe in Jamaica. The airport was perfectly fine, even though hubby mentioned someone approached him in the airport bathroom to "try" something. He said no thank you and the person left. We left the resort on both trips for excursions and never had an issue. We did a shopping trip in town and ventured across the street at one point to a craft market, we were looking for something specific we didn't find at the shops. While off the itinerary, we had no problems.

    I will say, I'm not a person for haggling. Jamaicans do more of that than I'm comfortable with. It's not a bad thing, it's just reality. Neither good nor bad. But, be prepared for people to approach you if you are out and about. From what I have experienced, if you are not interested, tell them and you should be fine.

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    We've been to Jamaica 8 times and never had an issue. 4 trips on the Ocho side and 4 on the Negril side of the island.
    The first few trips we took the included shopping trip from the resort because we too had some concerns. Now when we go we just arrange for a taxi so we are free to stay as long as we want. Most issues with crime are in Kingston unfortunately which is not very close to CTI. We've had many a discussion with friends and relatives over the years regarding this and we were very quick to educate them.
    It's a shame that all of Jamaica is thought to be unsafe by many people when that is not the case at all.
    Besides the wonder and beauty of the Couples resorts, we return to Jamaica every year because of the people of Jamaica. We have never been anywhere where the people are more genuine, friendly, respectful and upbeat as the beautiful people of this wonderful island.
    Go and enjoy and leave your fears and worries at home. It's all Irie in Jamaica! Once you go, you'll know!

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    We've been to Jamaica 19 times; we've never felt unsafe. I'm willing to bet that the people telling you horror stories about Jamaica have never been to Jamaica. Crimes are committed everywhere; use common sense, and you'll be fine.
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    I always feel as safe on and off the resort as I do in a new city here. Hmm, listening to the news, several robberies, another shooting and I live in Kentucky. No second guessing allowed unless you plan to spend the rest of your life at home literally, locked in your room. As with any travel, use common sense. Oh and if you want to really see outside the resort, do a power walk with Alford.

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    My husband and I have stayed at Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away. We are headed back to CN in December. At no time did we feel the least bit threatened. Go and enjoy yourself. It will be the trip of a lifetime and you will want to go back.

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    I have gotten the same stories from several people I've told about our trip to Jamaica. None of them had stayed at Couples though. This is the first trip for my husband and me (October 12-19) I'm not too concerned though because two of my husband's co-workers have been to CN this year and both of them loved it. They never felt unsafe at the resort and eventhough they were approached and asked if they would like to buy marijuana at the airport and while walking on the beach they said that they never felt threatened and when they said no the people didn't bother them anymore. They said the security on the beach is great. I'm sure that the staff at CTI is great too. I am very excited and we don't really plan on leaving the resort from what I've been told all the fun you need is right there! Have a great trip!

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    Oh yes, we go to Jamaica year after year to fear for our lives. It makes the stress at home seem trivial!
    Good grief! I can guarantee the people feeding you this nonsense have never been to the Caribbean or likely outside of the United States. We have never felt unsafe in Jamaica, ever. It is the one place on this earth where my shoulders drop and every bit of stress leaves my body as soon as I arrive. Also, if there was ever a disaster, be it man made or natural, I would want to be at Couples. I know they would take good care of us. My parents vacation at Couples Negril every year and Daddy is handicapped. I worry less when they are there than when they are at home! Go and you will see what I mean.

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    We've been to Montego Bay several times and have never felt unsafe. We went to all the usual shopping areas, Margaritaville and downtown Mobay. We also had a fantastic cabbie that took us to a neighborhood of craftsmen and women who create the jewelry and wood sculptures that are sold on the beach. It was great to have casual conversations with wonderful Jamaicans about child-rearing and day to day life issues.

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    whoever you talked to is retarded

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    Last year we spent a whole week working and living in a non resort area near Highgate. We never felt unsafe at all. The people were very, very friendly. We even walked the streets of Highgate and felt very safe. As others have said, be smart and you will be fine.

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    jsut use common sense
    if someone asks you if you want to see the"real jamaica" it is probably drugs and just say no thanks

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    We go back because of the people. We've learned that the Jamaican people are God fearing, full of love and a sense of warmth and happiness that is a joy to experience.
    That said, it is indeed a very poor island. Like anywhere, there are bad people who would do you harm. As a rule anywhere you go , If you pay attention and carry yourself with confidence AND treat everyone with the same respect you expect, then you should be fine. Remember that word...Respect. It is integral to the culture as evidenced by it being a common farewell refrain.....Respect Mon.

    Jamaica is very dependent on tourism as well. They know this believe me. But the world can be a bad place. Everywhere, even where you live.

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    I always find that when I tell people to go to Jamaica and a Couples resort that someone some where has had a bad experience there. usually they have been on a cruise and have spent no time in jamaica, they arrive into a port(think city port) are transferred to a "shopping excursion" or tour and really never get to meet the true Jamaica. They get to these places and of course the merchants want to make as much as they can in a short amout of time, hey everybody needs to make a living! i have travelled extensivley as an agent and have stayed in 2, 3, 4 5 and luxury star resorts and I keep coming back to Jamica and Couples. I have gotten into taxi's with young men and have been taken to places that are not on the tourist map and never in the 21 times that I have been to Jamaica did I ever feel that I was in any sort of danger.
    You will go to Couples and find the most gracious, genuine staff, they work hard, and a simple thank you will make a friend for life. Take the time to engage in conversation with the staff, ask them qustions about their home and you will be amazed. do not second guess yourself, you made the right choice.

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    Jamaica is a beautiful island, with some significant issues.... most of those issues will never impact tourists... the ones that do are typically opportunistic, so as long as you are smart about your travels and aware of your surroundings you can enjoy jamaica on AND OFF resort... there is much beauty in the ocho rios area and if you give it a chance, it will capture your heart...

    most who felt unsafe in jamaica or talk of its safety issues have either never been, have only visited on a cruise ship or are jamaicans ... a point to note that there are some very aggressive vendors in/around cruise ship areas, so best to try to avoid certain hotspots like the port, craft market or say dunns when a ship is in to avoid hassles... otherwise, explore and enjoy

    IMO to get the most of what the island has to offer, hire a private driver and head east to the portland area... phenomenally breathtakingly beautiful... a little closer to CTI is enchanted gardens... a beautiful property that has been reopened to the public that features 14 waterfalls (some can be climbed like dunns)...

    go, enjoy and return to tell them how wrong they were


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