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    Default Guest Library at CTI?

    I was just reading another thread where someone made mention of a "guest library". Is this true for all for resorts (CTI in particular) and, if so, how is the selection?

    Our vacation is not until Sept 2012, but this is one thing that has already crossed my mind because I LOVE to read on vacation, and for our 9-day trip there is no way I would want to pack as many as I could really read during that time. I know everyone will say "get an e-reader", but I just don't think that is for me.

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    Yes there is a library at CTI, just ask the entertainment crew as it is in their office. Of course the books are only those left by previous guests (we alway leave our paperbacks rather than carry them back to the UK - need the weight for coffee, etc!!) so you are dependent on the reading tastes of previous guests. I know you state that e-readers are not for you but my husband said the same thing until I bought him a Kindle for our last visit to CTI at Christmas and he thought it was great, not only could he download books while he was at CTI, he could also download our UK daily newspaper each morning - he likes to keep up with the UK news lol!! I also used his Kindle when I ran out of paperbacks so it was well worth it for us and it really is no different to reading a paperback on the beach or around the pool.

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    We always stock up on cheap used paperbacks from the local library sales and leave them behind in the CN game room, which has well-stocked shelves, mostly English, but some German and Spanish. We occasionally take other books in exchange.

    CTI is not as convenient with the shelves in an Entertainment staff office. I felt like I was intruding or rushed.

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    I would pick up a few books to take with me, then leave them at the resort. When it's convenient you can get books from the entertainment office. I have found some good books at Goodwill really cheap. I like their 50% off days.

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