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    Default Sunstarsmoon July 8, 2011

    Here is my review of the wedding. I still do not have my pictures from the photographer yet. I am getting frustrated.

    We arrived at CSS Sunday July 3, it was raining a little, which became common throughout the entire 2 weeks, but it is summer and with all that day time heating it is very common.

    We were meet with a cold cloth and a glass of champagne. Upon check-in I was given a letter from Karla the wedding coordinator with our day and time to meet her, which was on monday.

    Meeting with Karla: this went very well and very quick, I had prepared myself very well for this meeting. I had printed out the upgraded arch I wanted and added notes to how I wanted it decorated (I brought some of my own decorations). I had brought my own real touch flowers so I did not have to spend time trying to decide on my bouquet. (They decorated exactly how I wanted it)

    Wedding day - Friday July 8, at 10 A.M. - my photographer(Marcia Roberts) showed up at 8 A.M. they came in took a few pictures and then went and ate breakfast. I was very rushed. I woke up early and showered and dried my hair. My girls arrived at 8 and we started to curl my hair. (I wore a low side pony) I had put on all my make-up other then my eyes before the girls came. We were running alittle behind but as it turns out so was Karla. The only thing that I did not have time to do was my fake eyelashes. Karla came at about 10:10. Drove me down to a set of stairs (I had picked that location to start my walk to the beach, thought it looked better then the straight lawn walk) When were standing on the stairs I could see how beautiful the location was, and could hear the steel drum band. None of my guests were in their chairs, some where taking pictures and my sister and soon to be MIL were standing waiting to see me walk down the stairs. The girls walked down first to somewhere over the rainbow (all music was done by the steel drum trio (which turned out to be 4), once they reached their spots my son and I started our walk to Pachbelle's Canon in "D". I was a little teary eyed but held it together, then all of a sudden I saw right in the middle of the arch a man standing in the water that looked 9 months pregnant. I start to laugh, then I noticed the topless sunbather on the floating dock, I thought OMG so typical. You could not see anyone of them in the video which was good lol. The sun was shinning and it was very hot. The ceremony was short and we did the sand ceremony right after. (I had brought my own words for that and the minister did read them). After that we did the standard cutting and feeding of the cake. We had a cocktail hour after with cold canapes that I swear was left over from the managers welcome party the night before. I was not very happy since I had seen pictures in the past of another brides cold canapes and they seem to have alot more. I think we had 3 to chose from. But it still looked beautiful. We had some cake and I drank about 4 glasses of champagne I was so nervous. Oh we did have on lookers but they all stayed their distant and was very respectful and all clapped after the ceremony. Made me feel like royalty lol. We had out first dance by our arch again to the steel drum band to can't stop falling in love with you. We left with our photographer to do some pictures around the resort. I went into the mineral grotto with my dress and took lots of pictures, also went in the sea to a rock by the spa and had some pics done there as well. The storm clouds started to move in but never moved over the resort. By 230 the photographer said that I was looking a little tired so we finished. I wish that I would have gotten some good beach ttd photos before we finished but CSS beach is very small and like the photographer said I was looking tired. We went back to our room got our bathing suites on and meet some of the guests at the mineral pool and partied till the gala. I had a 2nd dress for that a short white dress.

    The Cake - we picked the Jamaican fruit rum cake. I found it very good. My only complaint is they take the top layer back to the kitchen and you can then phone to room service when you want a piece. I wanted it in my room and wish I had brought little cake boxes so we could of cut it up after the wedding. We never did phone room service.

    I am sure I am forgetting a ton of info but if you have any questions you can email me at

    Once I have the photos I will post.

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    Congrats to you!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!! Enjoy the married life

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    Congrats, Chris!!! Thanks for sharing all your info!! can't wait to see your pics!

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    Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see your pictures!!!!!

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    Congrats! I'm sure your photos will be great. I cant wait until its my turn. Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcedCoffee View Post
    Congrats! Awesome job with the detailed review. Can't wait to see pictures. Glad you went with real touch flowers, aren't they awesome?!
    I agree the Real Touch flowers are awesome, I just put them in the bottom of my dress bag and they were fine!

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    Congratulations!!! I laughed at the 9-months pregnant man centered in the arch. LOL

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