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    Still getting through the let down from being back from CSA. I have my a#* in a lawnchair, toes in the clay, not a worry in the world a snake eyes on the way. Does anyone have a recipe for the asiago cheese dip and or the pumpkin jalapeno dip that comes with the sweet potato chips? How about for the best soup I have ever had Pumpkin Potato soup from Patios? Another question which company makes the blue mountain coffee served at CSA?

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    All I can speak to is the coffee... and the answer is... it could be anybody; at least for most of the coffee you drink at Swept Away. If you have the coffee at Feathers, however, it comes from one of the estates that is certified 100% Blue Mountain Coffee and there are a few of them on the island.

    However, in general you will be drinking a very good blend that includes some Blue Mountain beans. I don't know specifically who they use for a supplier (although I've heard that one of their suppliers is Selina's just down the road), and as you've noticed, its very good. I wish I knew!

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