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    Default Any success replicating a Jamaican Delight?

    Just spent a week at CN after a week at CTI last fall. I am truly hooked on Jamaican Delights. I watched the bartenders make them this trip and noticed they used Appleton's (some used light and others used the regular kind), apricot liqueur, and pineapple juice out of a jug (not sure exactly what was in it since it was really yellow). I went to the liquor store today and bought the apricot liqueur and some standard pineapple juice. Didn't taste like what I remember in Jamaica. Any success replicating the drink with standard ingredients available here in the US? Recipes?

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    Default You will find most of the drinks here.
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    Many bartenders also use a shot of Tia Maria (or other coffee liquer). The mix you see poured in does have a lot of pineapple juice in it, but it is a 'sweet and sour mix'. Add some lime juice to your pineapple juice and you will be a lot closer to what is used by many (but not all... ) of the bartenders at Jamaican resorts.

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    Make sure that you use Appleton Rum since it has a different flavor than other rums.
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    Here's what I use - had one yesterday.

    Jamaican Delight.

    1oz Appleton Rum
    1oz Apricot Brandy
    2oz Pineapple Juice
    Dash of Lime Juice
    Dash of Clear Syrup

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    [QUOTE=Redsoxnation;139847][URL=" You will find most of the drinks here.[/QUOTE]

    I get a 404 on this one? Anyone else have success with it?

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    Sorry, try to google Couples Negril recipes by Lynn H and it should work.

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    Perhaps this is better:

    Let's see if that one works.

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    My favorite also. I make mine with Bacardi Gold at home. Can't waste suitcase space on Appleton when there is rum cream to bring back. I have experimented a bit and here is the best that I hit on.
    1 shot Rum (light or dark depending on your taste)
    1 shot Apricot Brandy
    1 shot sweet & sour mix
    1 tbsp grenadine
    6 oz pinapple juice.

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