OK. I've been a lurker here for quite some time. So my boyfriend and I want to take our first "REAL" vacation together so I went to the OTHER site. Yes, them. I signed in to chat with a sales person. Who after I did not respond to her question in 5.2 seconds signed off, and left me hanging there. Big mistake. I'm a customer service person by trade. I am a harsh critic of "Things that turn me off." I wrote them off because of one person.

Now onto to why I'm Here. I know this question has been asked billions of times.. I love Swept Away and Negril descriptions on this site. How do I know which is going to be perfect? I don't need a fancy butler or 5 star food. Were burgers and fries people to be honest. But how do you know? Is there a brochure YOU could send Randymon.

And how DO you pronounce Negril anyways?

Thanks mon