So we have the flight all booked but I'm still undecided about where we'll stay (husband says he'll be happy anywhere there's a beach & no "pool activities" music blasting, lol). We're going to Jamaica in August.......yes, I like to book vacations last minute.

Couple of final questions:

-what time do the bars close? I read somewhere that's it's much earlier than other resorts

-what's the deal with "saving" beach chairs and all the shaded spots being "taken" by 8am, while the "takers" go about their day elsewhere? Is this really that prevalent?

-do you feel secure leaving your beach bag unattended while you go into the water? Does security keep an eye on these things? Yeah, I know all about being smart (survived 5 yrs in NYC without being a victim lol) but I don't want to have to worry while I'm on (an expensive) vacation, still on the resort property

-does the resort at full occupancy in early August? I realize summer is the off-season in the Caribbean, but then again it seems like couple is atypical....

Basically, we both have stressful jobs/lives, we live in a large city, we don't get a lot of "couple" time, blah, blah. We want our vacation to be as relaxing and hassle free as possible. This means sleeping as late as I want and not having to worry about making it to the beach "on time," or making it to the bar before 8pm

Thanks for your input!