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    Hey everyone! I was wondering how expensive it is to have blue orchids in a bouquet and in my hair? And I was also wondering what are the less expensive and more expensive flowers in Jamaica

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    i have a feeling those are going to be pretty expensive because they're going to have to die the white orchids blue. Email debbie @ and she can give you a price range. good luck!

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    I had the most beautiful pink orchids and they weren't an upgrade, just a thought.

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    I emailed her about it I think 3 times when I have asked other questions and she answered the other questions but just keeps forgetting to answer about the blue orchids :-( and I sent a picture I like of a bouquet, she said she sent the picture to get a quot...but still haven't gotten a response.

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    She's been very flighty lately with my emails as well. I'm sure she does 100 things at once, and i give her a ton of credit. But i will ask 3 questions in one email and she'll only answer 1 or 2 of them. Then i have to email the same questions again and i feel like i'm annoying or pestering her (nothing she said- just my own feelings). I guess just keep asking until you get an answer. :/

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    Thanks! I feel the same way! I don't want to pester her about it, but well obviously I still would like the answer. And I am sure she is a busy lady.

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    Try numbering your questions. I always say "I have a few questions for you:"
    58. lol

    Jessica...I was wondering about blue orchids as well.

    She will answer each below your question, which makes it very helpful. Though they are not as rare and not all dyed anymore. Hybridization has created blue orchids, though they do still have some purple in them and they are quite lovely!

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    I did get an answer back sort of...and that was that it will be expencive. Never did get an actual quote for the picture of the bouquet I sent.

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    When is your wedding?

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    Ladies, I've had the same experience with Debbie as well. I always number my questions but alas, she never responds to them all. I do know that she is extremely busy. Perhaps they need another wedding coordinator to assist!

    I'm just going to wait until I get to the resort to get most of my questions answers. Tough to wait I know, but it's more stressful sitting here stateside and not getting real answers. I'm certain that everything will be ok when I get there and meet the wedding coordinator at the resort.

    Best of luck beautiful brides!

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    Stacie: I'm getting married Oct 22nd. Still no luck with finding artificial ones...and still no quote from Debbie. I'm giving up on getting a quote before I go I think. I'll still try and find artificial ones but still no luck so far.

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    I had blue orchids and white roses for my bouquet and it was a $155.00 US upgrage.
    That was May 18, 2011.

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