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    Default First timers at Negril and getting Married!

    We are going to Couples Negril in March 2010 and having our wedding out there. Can anyone advise us on what to do and what not to do. Also where to go and where not to go. Many Thanks

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    hello kitty

    Newlyweds and you want us to tell you what to do?

    STAY AWAY from the Bob Marley shot until after the wedding!

    The Sunset Catamaran Cruise is a MUST DO.

    I'm sure you can think of plenty of things to do being newlywed.

    How about just being in love and let the rest just happen.

    Check out the daily listing of things to do.

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    Hey there - congrats on your upcoming wedding. CN is an awesome place for that (we were married there in 5/99) ... one thing that I would say definitely don't miss is the Catamaran cruise. It sails 3xs a week, I believe. Sign ups are @ watersports - and the cruises generally fill up - I think you can sign up a few days in advance. My husband and I aren't much for excursions - we do the Margaritaville trip and have been on the shopping trip...both are fun but if you're not looking to leave the resort can easily be skipped. We love to take the snorkeling trip, sometimes more than once during our stays - I have heard that for a fee there is night snorkeling @ CN--that sounds cool but we missed the trip when we were back this past April. Other than that - rest, relax and enjoy each other. I'm sure there are plenty of others that will post too...this mb is great!!

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    Do the cat cruise and Rick's cafe for sure. Congrats!!

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    Thanks so much for the reply's, so cant wait to go. I'm wishing the weeks away!!

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