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    Default Second Dress for Trash the Dress??

    Has anyone ever bought a second (inexpensive) dress--either FOR the TDD shoot (because your dress was expensive) or to wear the rest of the day/night around the resort after doing a TDD shoot with the original?

    My wedding is at 4 and I'm doing a TDD shoot with Stacy Clarke afterward. Once my dress is a wet and sandy, I'm going to need to change out of it. I'm not having a formal reception though. We are (most likely) going to only have 4 couple or less attending, so we're just going to do a dinner at Feathers around 8pm and then hit a bar. :-)

    My dress budget is small ($700), but I'm actually finding a ton of dresses in the $350-$500 price range that I LOVE. I've seen several dresses that are only $200-$250 that are very nice. I was thinking of purchasing a second dress to change into for dinner and running around the resort the rest of the day. Has anyone else done this?

    Here are a couple under $250 that I have found:

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    I'm considering buying a short dress to wear after and then at the home reception as well. But it will have to depend on the price if my actual wedding dress as we have a small budget ($700) as well.

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    I actually just bought a prom dress on clearance from Deb Stores for $50. Very similar to this one

    I have to get it altered since it is a size too big but I didn't want to wear my actual dress since I am having a reception back home that I plan to wear it at. I am luck and my mom is buying my actual dress and I got this one for a steal!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    SnR...I was actually either considering getting a short one, or just getting a long one hemmed.

    I was really surprised at the number of dresses I really like that are well under budget.

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    I had changed the wedding date but couldn't rebook Stacey so our photo session was before the wedding as we had her take us offsite. So I bought an inexpensive dress for the trash the dress photo shoot. Why not? Its your day to be a princess:0)

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    Stacie that is a pretty dress. I bought a short dress for the evening and I might wear it to the at home party. I plan on going in the ocean with my wedding dress.

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    I want to lose some weight before starting to dress shop. Our wedding isn't until 9/12 so I have plenty of time. But from what I've seen online I doubt I'll have a problem getting both dresses under budget. I should have been more specific- our budget for everything for me ( dress, shoes,jewelry) is $700. But I'm still confident I can pull off both dresses

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    Oh, I need to lose weight before I buy one, no doubt. I do know what styles I look good in when I'm a smaller size though, so I'm just browsing right now. :-)

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    I soooo used my original wedding dress for the trash the dress, I swore up and down I would never do it but lo and behold I did! It was fun though no regrets whatsoever, and it felt so good to jump in the water! I was sweatin bullets! After the photographer was done taking pics my husband and I went to a really cool spot and he picked me up and put me on a rock in the ocean and took pics, very "mermaidy"

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    @Becky....A prom dress is a great idea too!

    @LoriAnn...where did you get married? Those TTD pics sound great!

    @sunstarsmoon...My total budget is $700 as well. Though, I really don't need to buy anything other than the foot jewelry. I'm going barefoot on the beach. For later in the evening, I'm sure I have a great pair of heels already that are perfect. I'm a recovering shoe addict. lol As for the jewelry, I don't plan to buy anything new in that respect either. I have several necklaces that I'm considering. I have a large, silver Tiffany heart that is on a black silk cord that would look great. I also have a (very expensive) ruby and diamond drop necklace that I bought YEARS ago in white gold, with a matching bracelet that would look lovely. Chris plans to wear a blue shirt though...I would just have to see if the rubies would look good with the blue shirt he chooses. Finally, I have the pearls that my Grandmother got me when I graduated from college. So, any of those are an option.

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    I'm definitely using my original dress for TTD as well. I want a second for that evening can't wait! Loriann who did your photos?

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    Hey everyone

    I was married at CSS Stacie. And Albert the resort photographer did my photos, I am trying to post them in the forum but I figured out they are too large so I am going to get them resized hopefully tmrw and will be able to post!

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    Here is a link to all my photo's its set to private but just fr me and I'll let you see them:

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    LoriAnn - I was able to view your pictures no problem. They are beautiful. I leave this sunday for my wedding at CSS.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures are beautiful

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    LoriAnn...Gorgeous pictures!!

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    LoriAnn...I love the lights on your patio!! I assume you just brought Christmas lights and an extension cord with you? Great idea!

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    I just bought my second dress!! It was inexpensive to begin with ($170 at Nordstrom), but I bought it new with tags off Ebay for $80!! Since I'm losing weight, I bought it in a size 12. If I lose all the weight I want to, I will need to have it taken in, but I didn't want to risk ordering something that won't fit for the wedding (not that it fits So, this is the dress I will wear for our "reception" dinner at Feathers and just around the resort all night, after changing out of my wet, sandy dress from the wedding.

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    stacie- I love that dress. Did you find your 1st dress yet?

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    Hey Stacie!

    Yes, I just purchased 2 packs of lights at Hobby Lobby in the bridal section they were $10. The way our room was designed there was a plug in right by the door so we didn't actually need the extension cord I had read something about bringing lights in a thread before and thought it would be a nice touch for our wedding night, I also brought a just married sign to hang off the patio.

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    @LoriAnn...the sign is another great idea!

    @toplopper...I think I'm down to 2 contenders, but this is the one I'm leaning toward:


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    Stacie- Good choices on both dresses! I just bought mine on Monday, I will have to post a picture of it soon. I was really considering the TTD but the dress I chose, I just can't bring myself to doing it in that one. Since I went over budget with the dress and still have to find a way to pay for alterations, I don't think I'll be able to get a 2nd. Have to see if the fiance will be a little more generous with his paychecks lol

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    Lori Ann- OMG I absolutely love the idea of putting a pic of your son in the bouquet. I was trying to incorporate my sweet baby boy in our wedding ceremony, and I just love this idea. It's mommy's first time away from him and Im going to have trouble with it. How big was your locket? I actually have one, is it the same size as a neckalce one? Your son looks about the same age as mine, he's almost 2.

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    OMG LoriAnn - your pictures are beautiful! you used the CSS photographer? We plan on getting married in May 2012 at CSS and we plan on using the CSS photographer. Was the TTD pictures part of your wedding photo package? I've been dying to find out if the resort photographer will just include the TTD in with our wedding pictures. Also, was it just you and your DH? I was thinking about doing a first dance, but didn't know if it would be weird because it's just going to me and my DF. Thanks for sharing your pictures...looks like you guys had a great time!

    PS: I love the Christmas light idea on the balcony...I'm going to have to go get some for our trip

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