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    Default Casino night and auction at CSA

    Could the veterens on the MB comment on how the night goes and the activities associated with this evening at CSA. Thanks

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    Any comments on casino night/auction?

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    Last time I was there it was a small setup with a wheel, blackjack table and some other betting games. It was nothing you would sit at a table to play for awhile. It was usually a one time bet and you move on. You are given play money and when the time is up you bid on items you want. Some groups pooled their money for bottles of alcohol. There were several items to bid on It was fun.

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    while Sue and i have never went to Casino night we have spoke with several that have and really liked it. it is now held in the Greathouse.


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    We have done it every year... its pretty fun. Its in the Aura lounge and they give everyone play chips, I believe it was around 10k.

    You can play roulette, craps, and blackjack. At the end of the hour they have an auction for various items like hand made sandals, paintings, rum, etc. You use the "play" chips you have accumulated during the hour to bid.

    We are from Vegas so I really don't want to go back to the everyday life but my wife enjoys doing it. Last year I wanted to get out early to return to the bar so I put all of my 10k on red five on roulette. What do you know... it hits! I pretty much had my choice of any auction item.

    The one twist is that if you bid on an item and it sells for lets say 5k and you have 15k then you lose the remaining 10k. They only let you get one item so others will have a shot.

    Its a good time and very laid back and they sometimes use guests to be dealers. Most people don't really know how to pay off most bets, but who really cares its really informal. Most people are playing after a few hours of Ultimate Chocolate and Romaines famous cocktails in the Aura lounge.

    Its worth doing, especially if you are going to be in that area anyways.
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    We participated in it this past April and it was fun! The Casino Night is not held in the actual casino, but in one of the meeting rooms in the Aura Club. The have several tables with dealers (black jack, Texas Hold 'Em, roulette, etc.) and you play with fake money. Then at the end, they have an auction for items that you use your money for. Some of the items included rum, paintings, t-shirts, pottery, coffee, etc. There weren't many people who did it while we were there so almost everyone was able to bid and get something. Have fun!
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    Hi, for some reason, this was the one event that I participated in at CSA that I can't say I truly enjoyed even though my husband won a nice Couples T-shirt at the end. I think the problem was I didn't know how to play any of the games, but I was trying and I found myself actually feeling a bit stressed...can you imagine?? Stressed at CSA!! So, I think next time, I would prefer to spend my precious hours at CSA doing something more relaxing. My husband seemed to like it though.

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