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Thread: CN AN Hot Tub

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    Default CN AN Hot Tub

    Is there one? Where is it? Does anyone have any pictures of it?

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    The only picture I have is with people in it and out of privacy will not post. The hot tub is very big - concrete and could probably fit 20 people although we have never been in it with more that 6. You'll love it!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    The CN hot tub located on the nude beach is to the rear of the nude beach

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    It is a great place to watch the sunset.

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    it is a great place to watch the sunset

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    5th picture from the end of the Couples Negril photo gallery shows the hot tub and how it sits at the back of the AN beach. It gives a good idea what it really looks like (minus the personal exposure private pictures would risk)!!

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    It's hidden in the hedge protecting the AN beach, great spot for a late night soak and watching the stars!

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    Here's a couple pics of it...

    Attachment 3045

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    Looks like a great place to hang out at!! We'll try it out in July...


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    Default what time does it (hot tub) close? the beach????

    Also what time does the bar on the AN beach close as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwdw View Post
    Also what time does the bar on the AN beach close as well?
    I forget the exact time. I want to say 5:00pm, but it may be 6:00pm.

    Because of the early closing of the bar, I wore loose, comfortable, easy-on/easy-off shorts to the AN beach. That way I could slip them on, get drinks from the swim-up bar or Heliconia, come back with drinks for my lovely wife and I, and be AN again in an instant to watch the sunset.
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    Here are a few more pics of CN's AN hottub:

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    Jackie's pictures and my first picture were taken in 2006 when the surrounding vegetation had not quite grown in as well. In my second picture, which was taken in March 2009, you can see that it is now more secluded. At night, there are no outdoor lights around there so it is quite dark. However, there is a switch to turn on the tub's underwater lights if you choose.

    A dip in the hot tub with my GF and a couple of drinks was a perfect way to end each day.

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    HA, yes, I noticed all the vegetation in your 2nd picture & realized it must be much more recent than your 1st pic !! When we were there in 01/2006, that hot tub was brand new (only a month or so old, if I remember correctly).

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    14 days from now we'll likely be in us a spot!

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    Here is a pic from 2am, after we closed the Piano Bar. Great place for late night fun!!!!

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