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    OK, so I've seen a lot of people mention having clamato juice for drinks and I'm curious...What exactly is clamato juice and what drinks do you make with it?


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    Clamato juice is used for making Caesars which is basically a Bloody Mary, but with Clamato juice. I don't like Bloody Marys (and I've been told I make an awesome Bloody Mary), but I do enjoy Caesars.
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    Its got a mix of clam juice in it, similar in taste to a bloody mary mix.

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    ok, great, thanks! Think I'll add that to my "Must Try" drink list!


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    Quote Originally Posted by D&J View Post
    ok, great, thanks! Think I'll add that to my "Must Try" drink list!

    There is usually a can or two of it in your room fridge.
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    Hi - Canadians seem to prefer their Caesers over the Bloody Mary's. In fact, I am drinking one right now on my houseboat
    We were at CSS last year - no problems getting my caesers and hope for the same this Dec. at CN.
    Vodka, clamato juice, lemon and lime juice, olives, salt, pepper, worcestershire, tabasco.......yummo!

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    I now usually always order Bloody Caesars instead of Bloody Mary's as they are not quite as heavy and have a great flavor!

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