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    Default Late arrival question

    So we are arriving to MBJ airport on 8/18 at 8:20 PM and staying at CN... will the Couples Airport Office still be open that late and will there be a bus waiting for us?

    I'm pretty sure the answer is likely to be YES, but I'd love some confirmation and reassurance somehow...


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    Yep it will be! We have arrived as late as midnight before and someone was there. No worries, mon! If Couples knows that you are supposed to be checking in on that night, then someone will be there waiting on you, as will a bus. Just look for this and you're all set!
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    No Problem! Just make sure Couples knows what time your flight lands and they will be there waiting for you!

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    We had the same flight - but due to delays, we didn't get in until after 11 pm and didn't get to the resort until 1 am. Both the lounge and the CSS staff were waiting for us with Red Stripe at the lounge and cold towels and drinks at the front desk. We had about a 25 minute wait at the lounge for our driver, but we met some nice people from England and the minutes went by quickly. Don't worry - they do take care of you!

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    Maybe this will alleviate your concerns: One year, before Northwest Airlines offered a direct flight out of Detroit, our flight was delayed, and we missed our connection. To make a very long, very ugly story mercifully short, instead of landing in MoBay at 2:30 in the afternoon, we landed at 2:30 in the morning. We awakened the lone immigration officer, who processed us, and headed for the Couples desk (this was before Couples had a lounge), fully expecting to have to sleep on the floor until staff members arrived at a decent hour.

    Much to my surprise, a driver was waiting for us at the desk. We had contacted Couples with each change in our flight arrangements, and they ensured that we had transportation to the resort. We were at CN by 4:00 a.m. A woman at the front desk checked us in very quickly (no cold towel, no sparkling wine, but too tired to care or want anything other than a bed), and a security guard walked us to our room in Building 6.

    While we weren't thrilled to have missed our entire first day, it was great to wake up a few hours later at the resort, be able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and then lie on the beach. We were grateful that Couples didn't leave us stranded at the airport overnight. That's just one reason we return year after year.
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