Those of you well versed in the details at CN....

Other than the obvious are there any real pros/cons to which floor your room is on?

Does the heat tend to rise in the buildings making the upper floors more of a challenge to keep cool?

Any real difference as far as bugs go (been to Jamaica at least 25 times so I know bugs are often a reality in the tropics)?

Any real difference in how early your room gets cleaned? (I love it when the room is done early and hate it when it gets done really late!) Is this at all related to what floor you are on?

We often choose upper floors at some resorts for privacy on the balcony, but it depends a little on how close the walkways are to your patio if you are on the first floor. Are the patios sort of set apart from the foot traffic or are the passersby right on top of you as you enjoy your continental breakfast out there?

Thanks very much!
CN- June 29 - July 6