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    Default Torn Between CSA Or CSS

    We were married at CSA in 2006 the day after my 36th Bday. Booked a BFVS but ended up staying in the old section due to work being done at the hotel. Loved the BF room but not private enough (my hubby got sick and the birds had a death match outside the windows in the morning, lol) long story short we got compt to 3rd floor GHJS and LOVED it!!! They were newly built and we felt so lucky to spend out weddingmoon there...........Ah, the memories.......Am now planning a much needed vacation for next year to again celebrate my Bday/anniversary but cannot decide between GHJS at CSA or a penthouse suite at CSS???? We are both mid 40's, only care to lay on the beach in a shady spot as we burn like crazy, go nowhere and are looking for the most private/quiet couple time together we can get. I was dead set on going to CSA and staying GHJS but now am torn after seeing the large balconies of the penthouse suites as we spend alot of time there. And the idea of food to the room is an added plus. Which would you choose? And what is the real difference between the penthouse suite and the 1 bedroom ocean suite? I want a huge balcony if we go to CSS, so the penthouse suite as prime minister is out of our price range? Thought and advice please Oh and we read we have missed the deadline to get reward points but does this mean despite being married at couples I cannot go to the repeaters dinner??? We only stayed 5 nights so the points are no biggie but does this exclude us from the repeaters dinner as well?

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    Christy - We have been to CSA twice, and CSS 3 times. We really enjoyed our trips to CSA, but CSS has captured our hearts. It is so beautiful there, and the resort just "oozes" romance. We have stayed in a one bedroom beachfront jacuzzi suite in block B, a penthouse suite in block D, and , on our last trip, a one bedroom ocean suite in block G. The one bedroom ocean was by far our favourite, it had everything - large private balcony with an amazing view, and a wonderful room with 2 separated sinks and a large walk in shower. If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you lots more information and pictures of the rooms and the resort, and a comparison of CSA and CSS.

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    Thanks so much, I just sent y'all an email. Lol, my hubby has a theory that whichever one you go to first ends up being your "favorite" and doesn't want me to be disappointed if we go to CSS. I loved the food at CSA, but am wondering if I can get enough choices at CSS as I am allergic to shellfish and there is only 3 restaurants. Still deciding......................

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    Thanks so much, I just sent y'all an email. Lol, my hubby has a theory that whichever one you go to first ends up being your "favorite" and doesn't want me to be disappointed if we go to CSS. I loved the food at CSA, but am wondering if I can get enough choices at CSS as I am allergic to shellfish and there is only 3 restaurants. Still deciding......................

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    Hi Christy - we've stayed at CSA a few times and tried CSS two years ago. We loved CSS, but have returned to CSA since then mostly because of 7 mile beach.

    I wanted to respond because we stayed in a Greathouse Jacuzzi Suite this year at CSA. The beachfront rooms were booked, so we got bumped. We both really liked the GHJS. The room is probably the biggest there is at CSA. There are double sinks in the bathroom (along with the wonderful jacuzzi) and a walk-in shower. The wetbar in the bedroom area is also nice for rinsing out glasses. There is lots of closet space (more so than in the BFVS rooms). The balcony was large, but not as big as the BFS rooms.

    At CSS, we had a beachfront jacuzzi suite (Block B). Of course, those balconies are very small, If we were to return to CSS, we would definitely want a penthouse suite with one of those massive balconies.

    I think you will have plenty of food choices even with a shellfish allergy at CSS. The only time I felt there were not enough restaurants was when we were there for the beach party (we were there 10 nights, which meant 2 beach parties). The beach party at CSS is much smaller than at CSA, and we really would have liked another dining option other than room service. Otherwise, no problems with there only being 3 restaurants. It is heavenly ordering rooms service for a snack or dinner at CSS.

    I think the beautiful grounds at CSS will capture your heart, too. And yes, you will be considered a repeater.

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    Christy - Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Neither Karen nor I eat any seafood at all, and we have been completely satisfied with the selection and variety of food at CSS!

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    CSA is king of coules...and you can go to the repeaters dinner
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    We have been to CSA, CSS and CN. We are beach people and love to sit on the beach or float on a raft most of the day - we really do little else other than a snorkle trip each day. We loved our room and balcony at CSS, but were disappointed by the beach. The beach just doesn't compare to CSA! For that reason, we are headed back to CSA this October. I am glad we made the trip to CSS because now we know, but it was a long wait for the return to CSA. Whichever you choose, you really can't go wrong!

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    We were married at CSA in 2008 and loved it, buth this past Jan. we did a CTI/CSS split and loved both of those resorts too.
    The beach and water quality is better at CSA, but we did really like the privacy of the CTI and CSS beaches. I preferred the beach at CSS over CTI for the calmer waters for floating. There were also lots of palapas and spots under the palms for shade. The mineral pool also offers shade and a great view. If it's peace and quiet on the beach you want, I'd pick CSS.
    As for the food, it was great at both, but you know, I have to pick CSS over CSA for atmosphere. Sitting right on the beach (Bella Vista) is something you can't do at a CSA restauarant for dinner. The outside patio of Cassanova was very nice, and beats Feathers IMO. We ate inside as well and enjoyed the pianist. We also liked the open air of Pallazina, and the Balloon bar at night where you could watch or be part of the entertainment (casino night) at night. The beach party was a lot of fun as was the gala. We didn't even do the repeaters dinner there as we'd done it at CTI.
    As for rooms, we only had a garden verandah at CSA, but at CTI we could get the deluxe ocean view for less, and ar CSS we only had a verandah but were in G block with a sweeping view and enourmous balcony. A penthouse would be even better!
    We really enjoyed the paths through the foliage, tucked away spots and secluded hot tub of CSS. It often felt we had the place to ourselves. All in all we found it even more romantic that CSA, which I didn't think possible.
    I'd try CSS if I were you. It sounds like it really suits what you are looking for. Oh, and we considered having our anniversary dinner in the gazebo looking over the water. We didn't end up doing it, but it would be so romantic.

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    we just returned from a visit to CSS, our first trip was to CSA, and now we are torn between the two. we finally decided that if we could have CSA's beach at CSS it would be perfection. for the room and ambiance, CSS was the winner. for the beach, CSA. food and staff was great at both. next time i'm hoping for a split, but either way you won't go wrong.

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    The darned "which couples to pick" debate again. We go through this every year. The first year was 2 weeks at CSA - HEAVEN. The second was 2 weeks at CTI - ugh - moved to CSS on day 9 when we went for trading places and fell in love with it. Third trip was 1 week at CSA and one at CSS - amazing!
    For us, the problem is we love the au naturel beach and CSA doesnt have one. But, the nightlife at CSA is far better than at CSS. We never went to bed before 1am at CSA yet we were out cold at 11 at CSS. The food was great at both but the service we had at CSA was far better than at CSS. We had a Penthouse but it was in E block and we hated it. Nowhere near as nice as the one bed ocean suite we had the year before. Please remember that there are Penthouses in 3 different blocks and it is the luck of the draw. Only the ones in D block have those huge verandahs. Ours was a bit smaller and the view was great but it was the room itself that we disliked. The bathroom was the size of a powder room with no counter space at all.

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    Hi Christy,
    As knd said, "Whatever you choose, you really can't go wrong!" We have stayed at all four of the Couples resorts and we enjoy all of them -- with CSA, CSS and CN the ones that we cycle through. They are all just different. Re your questions of CSA or CSS, we have those tied as our #1 choice. At CSA we really love the the BFVS right there on the beach, but we also love the One-bedroom Beachfront Suites at CSS. And of course we love the wonderful beach at CSA, but we our favorite is Sunset Beach at CSS. The restaurant options at CSA is fantastic and especially Sea Grapes, but then we totally enjoy the food options at CSS. At CSS we savor the beauty and romantic environment created, but then we full appreciate and enjoy the 10 ac sports complex at CSA, and all that is offered there. And we could go on and on about how much we love each -- they are just different.

    So we would suggest focus on what is important to you as a couple and which one would best provide that for you. And as said in the beginning, whatever you choose, you really can't go wrong!

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    Why don't you simply split the time. It is a bit of a drive between the two but then you will know. IME with Couples you will LOVE which ever resort you choose.

    We are going to CTI this August and will do a trading spaces with CSS and a split with the "J" for 10 days. I cannot wait to surprise my wife.

    I have also booked 10 nights at CSA for next August on the Early Booking special. We have already been to CN. You really do need to try all of the Couples so you know. There WILL be one that is more special. However that does not mean you cannot enjoy all of them. Adding spice to things will always keep it fresh :-)

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    Thanks everyone for all the responses. Karen & Paul your wonderful review & pics have finally helped us decide on perhaps giving CSS a try. Albeit we are still torn on the penthouse vs. 1 bedroom ocean suite debate. To me it's all about privacy and a big balcony with some loungers and room to eat at a table. For the life of me I don't get why everyone raves about the penthouses in D if they are the only ones separated by some not so private lattice??? Whatever we decide I just hope we get a decent balcony on a high up floor. Although does anyone know the exact number of stairs? Lol, we have been joking that we want to stay up on the cliffs while we can still make the journey and are thinking of them as exercise after what I'm sure will be excess indulgence.
    I know the resorts & experiences will be completely different and nothing can compare to celebrating my bday and weddingmoon at CSA. We have did nothing but rave about Couples since returning and tell anyone looking for the best all inclusive to give Couples a try. I know we won't be disappointed in going back to Couples again, it's just that it happens so rarely I hope CSS can live up to our expectations after our wonderful time as they truly did sweep us away at CSA.

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    ChristyCSA--We did CSA the first time since my husband had just had knee surgery and we needed "flat" land. One year later we went to CSS with a fully recovered knee. CSS for us was so romantic. And yes we were in G, right next to the spa. I loved the separate living room since I am the early bird and my husband loves to sleep in. I had tea every morning on the balcony reading my book until he woke up. Lets just say that we didn't gain any weight during the vacation because of all the stairs. Plus we also walked every morning on the walking trail. Very nice. One day, after one too many rum punches, I still can't tell you how I got back to my room with all those stairs. We are going back to the Negril side this year to CN, but I have a feeling CSS will be my favorite.

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