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    You know who I'm talking about, you see them walking around in their "going home clothes". We have all been there. You don't want to look them in the eye directly because they have the" leaving bus" stinch on them. The vet's of battles know what I'm talking about, that guy you don't want to get to know because you know he's not long for this earth.
    The poor souls they know the impending doom of the bus ride is coming, but bless their hearts they eat breakfast and put on a brave face for the rest of us. But do we offer warmth and understanding even knowing that in a few short days,there go we! No! We look away, and if they do catch our eye we smile very nervously and walk quickly the other way.
    Because alas, we know deep in the dark corners of our mind, we will be with them soon... way too soon!For leaving Couples, to us is like leaving your favorite Grandmother's house on Christmas day after all the presents are opened and the great food is gone and we know it will be forever (so it seems) till we are back.
    So when you see the "last day Lepers" be kind to them... a soft word... a gentle smile....don't shun them, for tomorrow.... IT MAY BE YOU!!

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    What a funny post. I'm sitting in the Ft Lauderdale Airport wiating to board and laughing right now, knowing that tonight I'll be a new arrival. A whole week away from being a "last day leper". I'm gonna cherish every moment from now til then.

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    What a great post!!! I know exactly what you mean! I hate looking at the folks who are leaving because I know our time will come when we have to board the "Goodbye Bus." I remember the first time we left CSS I cried and I was in funk for at least a week once we got home!

    We will be coming home July 20 and will be Leaving Lepers on July 28th.

    I just feel blessed that my husband and I get the chance to come to Couples so I will put up with being a Goodbye Leper until we are fortunate enough to return home!

    All the best!

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    Awesome. You captured "good-bye" bus day perfectly!

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    Hilarious post!
    The only thing that kept me going on my last day was that I knew we'd be returning. But there I sat all day, waiting for the bus while it was pouring rain, and yes I even shed a tear that we had to leave. In the meantime, we watched as people arrived and heard the band play to greet them, and heard the excitement in their voices and Captain Kirk welcoming everyone home again....only 6 more months to go!

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    Hysterical!!!! And so TRUE!

    10 days...CN here we come!

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    This year we wont be looking so pathetic because we'll be just leaving CSA to move up to the cliffs for three days. We might even be smirking lepers.

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    As we are generally the last one in our group to leave I have to admit that a enjoy pointing and laughing at the "long pants" walk of shame, waving as the goodbye bus pulls away. Makes me glad that I have 2 weeks there! Also makes me glad that my friends are not there to watch me do the long pants walk of shame!
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    So true, so true Boomer49... We're 4 sleeps from doin' the happy dance and coming home on the 4th! Can't wait!!! Razzl

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    True, true. When you arrive it all seems so endless, an infinite expanse of fun and relaxation. But eventually it all comes to an end! That last breakfast is just so tragic!

    It really hits home for me when we have lunch at the airport Margaritaville and have to pay. A week at couples really breaks that "reach for the wallet" impulse.

    One year our plane broke down and the airline put us up at a Montego Bay AI. The conflicting emotions of joy at staying an extra day and dispair that it wasn't at a couples AI was such a rollercoaster...

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    hahah very true! Just went through this 2 weeks ago, I was so depressed I slept the whole time on the shuttle bus back.

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    Boomer49, thanks for a great is so true. My best friend, Kim, came to Jamaica to be an attendant in our wedding. Kim, her husband, and a few friends were there for five days. We stayed additional five days for our honeymoon. On the day they were scheduled to leave Kim put up a brave front that lasted about 15 minutes. After that the tears were streaming...she kept apologizing and saying she did not want us to feel bad because we were staying, and she was leaving. I told her not to worry about it because I would be the one crying in five days.

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    Rose_dave.... Do what my husband does.... wear shorts to the airport and then change into the "long pants". Fewer people will know that way....
    Like you, we are going for two weeks... one week is not long enough when you are flying half-way around the world to find paradise... We're leaving Ireland on 12th July to return for the third time to paradise.... soon come... just not soon enough.

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    You dare speak about that which we do no speakith!
    A pox on you....for shame, for shame.
    For future reference, don't ever speak about that again......makes me throw up in my mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trisha2u View Post
    Rose_dave.... Do what my husband does.... wear shorts to the airport and then change into the "long pants". Fewer people will know that way....
    Like you, we are going for two weeks... one week is not long enough when you are flying half-way around the world to find paradise... We're leaving Ireland on 12th July to return for the third time to paradise.... soon come... just not soon enough.
    Good idea, and might fool a few, but not many. There is just that look on your face as your are walking around and looking and trying to absorb as much as you can to take with you, that people still know you are leaving. The rest of the days you are walking and laughing and smiling and now......

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    Great post, and so true. We start feeling like Lepers the day before when we get our paperwork ( what we call our "Eviction Notice" ) left in the room.

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    Very true and funny. Shame on us all for not offering our condolences to these folks. Maybe Couples needs to start having a nightly See Ya Soon dinner !?!

    We are of the mind that when it is time to leave we just want to GO. Lets get it over with to reduce the pain. As long as I can sleep until at least 9AM, have breakfast and take care of business then I am ready to go IF I must ;(

    Once I am home, see my 3 furbabies, my Mom and Dad, sleep in my own bed I then turn to my hubby and say...."I lOVE vacation but there really is no place like home".

    The next day as soon as I can.....I get on the computer and start looking/planning for the next adventure ;-]

    See Ya all Soon!!

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    You folks have my eyes watering right now and I've still 87 days till arrival. Or should I say 94 days till departure!

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    Great post, and oh so true! I DO try to avoid "those people" and if I catch their eye I can't help but give that sad, sympathetic smile.

    But then it's your turn most people don't want to be too happy towards you either, as they know it's a sad day... Although some actually say "Going home today?" inside voice... "No, I always wear long pants and carry a travel bad to the beach... dumb question" lol

    At CSA for our wedding we said goodbye to all our guests at the end of week 1, while we had another week to go. We were in our beach attire and cover-ups, waving as the bus moved off. I'm sure they hated us!

    When we did our CTI/CSS split we looked forward to the transfer bus inbetween not taking us home but rather to another Couples. I thought all the others carrying on to the airport would glare at us in envy (and maybe throw stones at us.... LOL) ...but we ended up taking the horseback riding bus over (and we'd been riding, so we could tell the others how fun it was) Maybe that was planned for our safety and respect for those leaving? HAHAHA

    But of course our day to leave came at CSS, and we spent our last moments at the beach bar, watching others enjoying the day, and filtering in for lunch as I grabbed a meat pie to go. So, so sad.

    Maybe it is best to have an early flight and sneak out unseen before dawn. lol

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    Ah yes...the dreaded last day. Walking around like zombies, eating your last meal like you were on death row, and trying not to show it.
    I think the worst part is when you make that final walk to the lobby to catch your shuttle. As if you don't feel sad enough, here comes a shuttle full of "shiny, happy people" jumping off ready to enjoy their week in paradise. You watch with jealousy as they sip the champagnn and wipe their faces with the cold towel.....

    Just 312 days to go till we are one of the "shiny, happy people" and in 320 days we'll be lepers again....ain't life cruel.

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    My favourite post from this forum so far . Gave me laughs and also made me feel sad too . That bus journey back to the airport is the nearly as bad as the walk in normal clothes as everyone on the bus has the same gloom faces and no-one likes to mention how terrible they feel .

    I have left twice now and i honestly would say both times i have been close to tears . Being from Ireland and also not having much (for much see nothing lol ) money we know we wont be back for maybe 6 years for our 10 year anniversary .

    Come on Lottery.

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    You know as bad as it feels when you are leaving, you are still treated as if you just stepped onto the property, the Couples employees are always so pleasant and caring.
    It is not like that on a cruise. After your last meal and the tips to all staff have been handed out, the last morning you are oblivious to them. Like you don't even exist.Brought like cattle to areas for deportation. Staff are only focused on the next crew coming on. You really get the last day leper feeling.
    That is why everyone wants to come back as soon as they get on the bus to the airport. As well as look at this message board to feel the connection at home. Couples have found a way to entice new guests, as well as sustain previous ones. I have only been to CTI in May 2010, hope to get back in 2012. Until then, this message board is my connection.
    When I go online to check out the board, I tell my husband, "I am going to Jamaica for a bit". He knows what I mean!

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    One of the best posts ever!!
    You nailed it!

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    islandgirl - I know what you mean about the staff being friendly right until the end. It's like they feel sad for you having to leave and go back to the cold and work.

    When we left CSS we were walking to the bus and a lady came running after us swinging the little blue snack/departure pack "Don't forget this!" It was like we were kids boarding a school bus and Mom was running after us with out forgotten lunch. It was too cute.

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